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  1. For those that aren’t on slack. I’m now the salami king. Sort of a professional salami bettor. I will elaborate later. Salami for life
  2. Even as a semi “hater” of this team I think that shit is going to be so cool and great for the fan base and the NHL. Great idea and whoever put it together kudos.
  3. Just found out that on January 10, Phil Pritchard will be bringing the Stanley Cup to Fresno. Very exciting for the hockey fans , mostly the kids here....Kevin was able to make it happen, should be fun day..
  4. I guess for him it might be ok...Mcdonalds is the worst..I dont know if its different but making $4 for a delivery, when those people NEVER tip is why I didnt do it very long.
  5. Meeting Owen Nolan before Adrian's game few weeks ago was priceless..Never did I think of getting an auto..Picture was taken and he cracked a joke at Leafs nation..
  6. Circa mid 1990s my cousins were visiting Toronto from New York and we happened to walk into Gretzky's restaurant. Luckily for some reason he was there. We have a picture with the 4 of us that I cherish forever. Its pretty cool to hang onto..
  7. lol yes..The air is very fresh this morning..
  8. The air smells better after a Leafs win.. Such a fun feeling.
  9. I did Uber eats for fun over a year ago..I rather stab myself in the eye..But good luck.. lol
  10. I know the autographs are still a big thing, for me as a fan or my kids ...We prefer a good old picture..Seems like a much better memory..I dont care to profit off of anything..Just that I met the guy and had a moment
  11. And just like that we got a notification. Not a positive one. Bye Tulo. Too bad.
  12. That truly is awesome..I would be interested to see how many of those games they played together..I would think its a very high percentage..
  13. Not at all. It’s an interesting journey. I’m always open to suggestions as well. I’m constantly getting the from all angles. I leave up to him now. If he wants to get better and work at it. We will support him.
  14. I remember the good old days, which were not to long ago, the trades and signing were a big part of the Jays off season. They would be involved in every big name free agent. Now of the 100s of alerts I am getting NONE are involving the Jays. its sad
  15. I hope Steph Curry is trolling us, or else I lost all respect for him. Is he that dumb?
  16. He does have a goalie coach. And he has been to several camps over the years. However not as much as could be. He basically took up the position at 6 years old and never left the net. This is the year where if he is going to take it seriously we will allow him to get more private lessons. He has some natural ability, but he needs to work harder at it if he wants to pursue it. While playing pro is probably not in the cards, high level junior and a decent college is a possibility. There are some serious programs here in California run by the Sharks, Kings and Ducks with some high
  17. wow thats crazy...and weird at the same time.
  18. Lol..Otto is always accomodated for requests..
  19. So Saturday I took Adrian to the NorCal select tryouts. It was an eye opening experience. Adrian plays B here in Fresno. Mainly since thats all we have , and its not easy to drive 2 hours away to play A AA or AAA here. So he tried out for this team, where all the top kids from Northern California showed up to eventually will be narrowed down to the top 2005 kids in the country. They will represent the US in international competition. Its a huge thing to put on the resume for sure. The level of these kids were so much higher than what we play. Mostly AA and AAA kids..He hung in there, and
  20. Hyman-Tavares-Marner Marleau-Matthews-Nylander Johnsson-Kadri-Kapanen Ennis-Lindholm-Brown Rielly-Hainsey Gardiner-Zaitsev Dermott-Ozhiganov Marincin-Holl Sparks Andersen
  21. It was exciting but I prefer to avoid that team in the playoffs...Fast, skill on both sides..Good goaltending makes it exciting.
  22. I mean I get that he is valuable but, the return could be decent.
  23. Some reports that Phil Kessel was shopped.. Wonder what they are looking for and what was offered..I think he will end up in Vegas..Golf and poker is his passion. Hockey is a side hustle.. Also fishing he loves..Good fishing on the west coast too
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