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  1. “Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple. Until the American people are convinced we will stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress.” - Schumer, 2009
  2. "lie filled address" is opinion..But I dont care to discuss politics..Especially with you..
  3. I don’t know who Miller is but that’s a stupid argument and view he has. I think most sensible people like me want illegal immigration stopped. That’s not a right wing issue. It’s been preached from Clinton to Obama to Schumer.
  4. I don’t get paying players $15- $20 million to leave.
  5. I still believe Nylander is the much better player. However night in and night out so far Kapanen has been much much better. SO FAR
  6. I’m not agreeing with either side or policy however if Democrats want more support and maybe win the White House they better get better people than Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. If Nancy Pelosi said she was a Leaf fan. I might switch my allegiance. That’s how much she annoys me
  7. Looks like some changes in the lines and the PP tonight..Interesting stuff Not sure how I feel about Auston being dropped to the second unit.. PP1 Tavares, Marner, Reilly, Kadri, Kapanen PP2 Matthews, Nylander, Marleau, Gardiner, Johnsson Still that second unit would be top unit on a lot of teams. I dont know the numbers but typically the second unit plays significantly less I am assuming. Last year Matthews played less PP time as well
  8. Mustangs will have a shot at him
  9. I dont know..The rumors of him not being a good teammate, and being traded so often is not a good thing..It would mean Gardiner is gone for sure. Im not too familiar with his defensive prowess..I know he scored a bunch but not as much this year..
  10. Not sure how I survived without Spitting Chicklets podcast before..So awesome. Paul Bisonette is just a legend.
  11. Not what I meant...Chirping is ok if they are pro athletes ..Like the cool little exchange Crosby had with a fan. Bullying is NOT ok on any level.
  12. Apparently no games for me either..There should be a 3 game relegation series like they have in the Junior Championships
  13. Bullying on twitter and social media is done by cowards..I am all for chirping professional athletes like"Crosby you suck" "ovy you cant score on a breakaway if the Russian mob was after you" ..I mean chirping athletes that make millions of dollars is part of the game..But these are kids and should be left alone..
  14. Has anyone else seen the internet sensation movie on Netflix the Bird Box? Just watched it yesterday...Its interesting i guess...
  15. AHL Grand Salami bet Jan 2... the line is 6.5...Ortenzio takes the over for lunch at the draft.
  16. We lost Super Dave and Mean Gene today...Both awesome characters, entertainers and gentleman.
  17. Before getting excited about the performances in the juniors , here is something that I found today. 2006 the Canadians win the gold medal led by Justin Pogge who started every game. His backup was none other than Devan Dubnyk. Dubnyk is a number one goalie in the league and Pogge, well we all know about him.
  18. Lot of club records are on pace to be broken. The main one for me is Rick Vaive's 54 goals(since he is my favorite of all time) ..We thought the best chance was Matthews but with the injury it will be tough..That one probably is still safe. The most point by a dman record is Turnbull with 79...And goals is Turnbull and Iafrate with 22...Those are possibly gonna come down if Reilly keeps up the pace.. As amazing a season as Marner is having with the assists, i was pretty surprised to see Dougie put up 95 one year..That record will be safe for a long time.
  19. Looking forward to the Bonsignore division next year..I will win it
  20. I highly recommend Narcos Mexico. It was great
  21. I wouldn’t want that. This guys is awesome. Friend of family for many years. How does $600 get lost for 3 years. I didn’t want details.
  22. So I get a Facebook Messenger message from the lawyer that closed my house , which is now over 3 years ago in Toronto. Saying they did some accounting and they found they owed me $641..He asked for my Canadian account number ( which I dont have anymore).. So I was very skeptical. First of all I have heard of these facebook scams and stealing of info..Then this was over 3 years ago, now he found the money? Well apparently its legit , I just called and talked to him on the phone he is going to deposit the money in my moms account. The bad news is I just looked up $641 Canadian today is o
  23. From my understanding the only Subway in Sudbury is the one that serves a cold cut combo!! Let’s keep it that way buddy. You are doing just fine. Cars in Sudbury are doing a great job.
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