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  1. the likes of me??you dont know me....I am actually a winning player...Serge
  2. So i am waiting on a $1-2 heads up table at FCP...a guy sits down against me with $90000....He says he is some college kid that plays no limit...where do these kids get the bankrollSerge
  3. So I offered to bet Daniel whose team would finish higher...I think his exact comment was" i ll bet you whatever you can afford"Unfortunately didnt take him up on it and we only bet a $100SergeOwner of the first place mustangs
  4. This is the second time that this has happened to me.....So yesterday at the local cardroom in Fresno California I decide to wear my Toronto Maple Leafs jersey to play..I sit down in the game and soon as they see my jersey they go" oh look its Daniel Negreanu"...Hockey isnt that big here so poker people think that its a Daniel Negreanu jersey ...Then they go oh since you are wearing his jersey you must know him...Well as it happens I do know Daniel for a long time, so instead of telling them poker stories from Toronto I tell everyone how Daniel's Cheap Thieves are getting hammered by my Mustan
  5. Hey guys,Just wondering if you all think its worth playing heads up at the lower limits?...The rake seems to be so high that after an hour both players seem to be down money to the rake....At what limits is it worth playing heads up?....I am going with the rake structure on FCP as I havent really played heads up on any other sites...Serge
  6. A comp is short for Complimentary..usually given out by casinos to entice gamblers..
  7. Hey guys,Just wanted to report that today in the $30 MTT at FCP i finished second place for a cool $1092...Had been running cold for a while in MTTs...Unfortunately though my Mustangs lost tonite..SergeOWNER OF THE AHL MUSTANGS
  8. as soon as the Mustangs fold: I fell off my seat when i read this...Keep waiting Daniel..I aint folding when i have the nuts...Cause my team is the nutsSerge
  9. its not over yet...Colorado Goalies still...plus a few players for Daniel..But yes my team looks awesome...Serge
  10. watch the lineups to last minute as I may take out Tucker...he might not play..I should win this game easySerge
  11. hey there,You need to get the permission of our league comissioner...he can be reached at sleuthis@rogers.comSergeOwnew of the Mustangs
  12. Hey Digital monkey,The commissioner has been really impressed with your posts regarding our hockey pool...You are the perfect type of person we look for...If you interested in entering our pool I think he can put you on a list of potential owners...SergeOwner of the MUSTANGS in the AHL
  13. Bubble will burst...lol lol lol I get 6.5 goals from forwards tonite...I got Kyle Wellwood on my farm team who has 4 g 8 assists in 14 gamesI got Chuck Kobasew on farm who scored his 7th goal tonite...My team is awesome....On a side note..I wouldnt trade Kyle Wellwood for any one on your team right now..the kid is looking so good..made an awesome play tonite that led to his goal...Serge
  14. On a side note....New Jersey Devils give up 2 goalsand the mighty Florida Panthers give up 5....I like it a lot..Mustangs win big again....First place is still mine..Serge
  15. Mustangs and Cheap Thieves have just completed a pretty big dealI let Daniel tell u the details...SergeOwner of the Mustangs
  16. Nice to see you guys battle it out as I pound the Rats tonite...Mustangs
  17. another big game tonite...I feel a big nite from Jagr and Luongo is required to win this game..and it will happenSerge
  18. for daniel to beat me...Jussi Jokinen has to have a 7 pt nitelolWhat a shellacking tonite
  19. great start for mustangs...not only did we make up the 2 goals..we are already up by a half...Devils defence looks horrible....Should be down 5-0..(damn Gionta just hit the post)
  20. here is an interesting stat for you...The Devils leading scorer is Brian Gionta....5 goals 4 assists Mogilny on other hand has 4 goals 4 assists...Also Gionta is 10years younger and healthier...Serge
  21. in an interesting move...The thieves put Columbus in net ahead of the very good Brodeur...Columbus has given up 3 quick goals..gotta love it
  22. Looks like advantage Mustangs again...Thieves catch a break as Mustangs star goalies will not be playing due to Hurricane...Good luck Daniel..You will need it toniteSergeOwner of the First Place Mustangs
  23. sorry daniel it looks like u are no match for me tonite....even with 6 goals from my players that i didnt play..i still win...close is not good enough...on Saturday i should definetely beat u again...but its ok..there is always next year..SergeOwner of the First place Mustangs
  24. 35 pts...goose...what the hell are u smoking...he will have 35 pts by the Olympic break
  25. bad mistakes tonite...I start Huselius ahead of Tucker and Gionta..who scored two goals...it should still be ok hopefully
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