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  1. there is now a facebook group for this contest..........see project giveaway.of note - 10% of the proceeds go to the Brandon Crisp foundation
  2. Just found this one........pick the winners of a bunch of games and win a fully furnished house!!!!!!check it out at http://www.projectgiveaway.net
  3. ok here...........you want obscure.........Name the only player in History to play for all original six teams.
  4. HMMMM.............I am only upset that you never come to my poker games.
  5. I will take you up on this. AND as an added bonus, if you leave out Golf, I will let you select ALL 10 events.
  6. ok, ok I will play1) I was in attendance when Darryl Sittler recorded 10 points2) I was in attendance when OJ Simpson surpassed 2,000 yards rushing in a single season3) I was in attendance when Nolan Ryan stuck out his 3,000th hitter.
  7. Sigh - this thread was far less entertaining than I thought it would be.
  8. Although, I haven't had much time to participate since the season started, I have been following along when I can and I agree with Gruven, we need to cut our action some. It seems that at times we are betting just for the sake of having action and just not picking our spots well.Looking at tonights board, I don't see a lot that interests me which the exception of the ottawa tampa game.The Sens are playing their best hocky on the road right now and overall I believe they are underachieving some. While personally, I think the lighting are an overrated team which just isnt playing very well.getti
  9. Simple..........1) sneaking down and sitting in the Reds for Darryl Sittlers 10 point night with my cousin mike.2) Attending the final Leaf game at maple leaf gardens (again with my cousin) - while staring up at the Marquee and reminising, getting flattened by ken Dryden making his way into the arena and just not looking where he was going.3) My earliest memory of a leaf game, my dad taking me to young Canada night (which used to be Christmas day when i was young) and having me convinced that somehow we slipped past security and snuck in!
  10. thanks everyone........I'd make my reply longer, but I desperately need some sleep
  11. Just looking at the box, it looks like a pretty tough game - Sharks, ducks are usually pretty good games.
  12. This is pretty much what I expect from the leafs all year........Hard work, lots of mistakes and simply getting beat by better teams. As a leaf fan, I am more than prepared to watch this team run into better teams all season as long as they work hard doing it.I really thought the crowd singing the anthem was very cool and would be an outstanding tradition if they did it every game.
  13. dont buy a bulb thru your manufacturer serge - give me a call sunday and I will give you the website I got mine from - way cheaper and way faster
  14. Looks like I will get the scores done - it will still be a while..........Perhaps by the morning............
  15. I love the value on the caps but I am fine with phillyin the west, dallas
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