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  1. Sighhhhhhh dude snaps with 99 on a Q42 board and I was bloofing with A2o. Sick snap call. ISAP. Etc. like $350ish for 4thSuch a sick snap call tho, lol.
  2. grosssssFull Tilt Poker Game #6595377767: $20 + $2 Heads-Up Shootout (50015192), Table 2 - 1000/2000 - No Limit Hold'em - 4:21:35 ET - 2008/05/28Seat 1: NateObomb (76,100)Seat 2: SilentButDedly3 (115,900)NateObomb posts the small blind of 1,000SilentButDedly3 posts the big blind of 2,000The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SilentButDedly3 [6d Ad]NateObomb calls 1,000SilentButDedly3 checks*** FLOP *** [3c 3s 7c]SilentButDedly3 checksNateObomb checks*** TURN *** [3c 3s 7c] [6s]SilentButDedly3 checksNateObomb bets 2,000SilentButDedly3 calls 2,000*** RIVER *** [3c 3s 7c 6s] [6c]Silen
  3. looooooooooool @ winning 8k a month at $20's STT's.Let's assume you're half-way decent and earn a solid ROI of about 15% while 4-tabling. Giving you a whopping profit of $3 per SNG or about $12/sesh. One sesh of SNG's will be, on average, a little over an hour, like an hour and ten minutes. Have fun playing 2667 (8000/(20*.15))SNG's this month to earn that $8k, assuming you never tilt or play bad for whatever reason and maintain that 15% ROI that whole way thorugh. Those 2667 SNG's, while 4-tabling, will take you roughly 778 hours((2667/4)*1.167)(equal to 1 hr 10 mins). No worries, that's
  4. I dont play on UB or APjust play tomorrow or something
  5. my playas stakes have been shipped plz to be registering and pwningand 50/50 no sb
  6. Trolling United - Captain SBDSheffroid (grand rapids)Franchise632 (St Paul)Nvrquit29(victoria)lunarphase(norwell)fornicator1 (platte city) National Lawn Fairies - Captain yourboysagrida aka Pollyballerscenester09 (Oviedo)fisheees (somerset)Alreadyis (chandler)arthuryb (surrey)addilac299 (fargo)My team has stakes shipped
  7. pretty sure we'll being doing a later tourney than this, so keep postinggggg
  8. Onlyme and I are going to own a team in a season or so. And want to make FCP players.I have:- Lvl 7 LB- Lvl 6 CB- Lvl 5 DT- Lvl 5 DE- LVl 5 WR
  9. You should focus on Agility and Stamina for a bit. All that speed is useless without Agility bc Agility = acceleration rate. Stamina = more plays = more experience.
  10. I rolled over it and saw a Youtube link. I can only imagine what favorite song of mine awaits on the other end of that link. NICE TRY, FOOL.SOMEBODY WIKI THAT SHIT
  11. Far too much clicking. Someone wikipedia it plzkthx
  12. So no one ever told me what Xanax is and I'm still too lazy to google
  13. QFTThis thread fails so hard. It had so much potential.
  14. Can someone give the backstory to this? Cliffnotes? Something?
  15. I think it definitely matters at the stage of the tournament. I think most would agree that they would pass up a flip on the first hand of a tourney, where as if it was with 3 tables left to make you CL if you win, they probably wouldn't pass that up. It's all about risk/reward, what is the risk of x play and what is the reward of x play. I think most would agree the first hand there is little reward for the risk. Where as the second option, you're suddenly a massive favorite to Final Table and get a big score.
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