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  1. I don't get it, lol. When I make an introduction post in general poker everyone RIps on me and calls me an idiot. Then someone makes one that doesn't makE ANY sense in GEnral and no one says anything.anyway, Sammy, welcome to the forum. Stay away from Actuary, he's kind of a hot-head.
  2. this is a joke account of a limit hold em player on this site who wouldn't be too hard to figure out. i think i win the award for "lazy balla."i also made about 15K in incentives.edit: oh yeah, i think another 10-20k on my laptop too. not sure.second edit: hem on this desktop
  3. hey what's up? just wanted to introduce myself. i play a bit of LHE, low to mid stakes.
  4. That car sounds sick. You'll be the illest kid in town driving that thing around. I had some other ideas for plates. BALLABIGDIKHZMONIECOOLESTSICKCARNL2LIFECLDAKIDEGOTIMEOF COURSE, these would only work if they allow seven letters on the plate. If they don't let me know and I'll come up with some more. I just ordered mine for my camaro: IROCROL. I hope people understand that it's supposed to mean that I rock 'n roll. Otherwise, I'll look pretty dumb. But my car's not as balla as yours. Goodluck.
  5. Shouldn't the links to fake stories as least be interesting to read?fake story that's slightly funny
  6. Thank you captain obvious. QFT.Did I do that right?
  7. I live in the dorms now. But my parents pay for them and for school, so I won't have to worry about it too much.
  8. So I'm in college right now, and don't really have any expenses. I don't really have to worry about money issues too bad. So I'm going to be a professional. My bankroll is still a little smaller than I would like ($780ish). For the time being I'm going to play sit-n-goes. I don't want to play the turbos because those are just shove fests and there's no real poker in them.What site do you guys think I should be playing at? I think once I move up to the $20's shortly I should be making like 8K a month. What do you guys think?
  9. Ever listen to Surfer Rosa by the Pixies? It's like when their talking as a sample and he says "No it didn't have anything to do with anything." Sig worthy.
  10. Phil's ego: I play so good. The only way I lose is when I get sucked out on.Dwan's ego: I play so good. Is there any way I could have played it better? At least that's the impression that I somewhat get.
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