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  1. My SNG goal is to never play one again
  2. goddddd 137th for $1200 in ftopslost big pots of QQ < AJ, then AK < TT, then 3-bet shoved with 64o to CO raiser who was 30/24 over 150 hands and he banks before he ends up calling with AQ. Qxx flop.
  3. Lame. I think he was on my team for the 100k, when I was captain once, but don't quote me on that. No problems with him other than he didn't cash. :(Sorry OP, sucks.
  4. 10.7k in FTOPS at 3rd break.Lost ~9k on QQ < KK vs 23/19 lol
  5. Sigh, out of mill, tried to re-steal against 44 and the guy called (lol) flop 4xx gg me
  6. FML. Was as high as 40k, now at 20k when JJ < TT, in mill
  7. Sigh, gonna be no overlay w/ late registry. Oh wells.
  8. 20k at break in MillSigh @ everyone bringing down my hopes and dreams of having an overlay in the FTOPS.
  9. In the mill too. Late registration ftmfw.FTOPS has to get some overlay. 3645 right now and need 5k to meet in 37 mins
  10. No disrespect to JC, but I still can't decide if this is one of the best or worst calls I've ever seen.
  11. In the FTOPS event. Anyone else think this is going to have some overlay? 2683 players atm and needs 5000 in an hour and a half
  12. And Daniel wonders why people think he's gay......
  13. I remember there was some big debate/speculation on some thread about how much the "Big Game" players pay in rake at Bobby's room. Some said it was normal rake, some said it was hourly.On PAD tonight Chau Giang and Doyle just confirmed it's $20/hr. And made the comment "It's the cheapest rake in the world."
  14. kyoueffteeand i'm still down like $5i've won 41/77 flips and these are with between 2-4 people aipf lol
  15. Ownings like this should be a felony.
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