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  1. Here's a question that I dont think has been addressed. Let's say one of the two people cashes, how are the other people who have a % getting their money? Online $?
  2. I say neither gets either seeing as they're getting the "experience." However, maybe the two can agree to swap %'s b4 the event(s) start?
  3. Personally, I like how he's decked out in a hat and an ipod in what appears to be a home game. It's just like....really?
  4. You need to teach their kids how to play AQ the correct way. Make raises that will earn some respect!
  5. This thread has made me realize how boring living in Iowa is.
  6. I road on a plane with Hayden Christensen to the Bahamas last year...it was a small plane and one that you walk out to from the airport. As we were walking up the stairs to get on the plane, my little brother was behind me and then it was Hayden. I regret to this day that I didn't turn around and say "I have the high ground, Anakin, don't try it."
  7. They have to give like a "warning" first tho right? I mean ffs, can they really just ban you on a rule they didn't publically announce was changing, i.e. they expect you to constantly check their tos to make sure it stays the same?
  8. for real, how the hell is there no message about this? i can understand not saying "don't go to sharkscope.com or tableratings.com" for fear of more people learn of these sites and use them. but give some sort of hinting that these sites are illegal or something in a message. my god.
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