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  1. Yea, I'm gonna join the 14th one, and see if I get in. If not, then i'll do the $110 qualifier, and hope to bulldoze both stages lol. For the Nov.14th $140 satetllite (TUES 6PM), you can do a phone-in registration 2 days prior to event. Limited to 25% of the field, and you must be present 45 mins b4 the event to claim the seat. (604)-247-8983EDIT: I have to phone them to confirm if $140 satellites allow phone-in reg so no phone-in reg for this one? not sure if it was sold out last yr, wasn't "casino-legal" yet lol. i actually hope that it won't be full for this yr, i prefer 600-800 players. 1
  2. $110 satellite is 24/7, so u just go in and ask when is the next satellite. then the $500 combo satellite is a weekly thing, usually on saturdays. not sure about the limit of ppl entering. ya gotta hurry, cuz $500 sat only 2 left (nov.11th and 18th). BUT, there is also a $140 sat where it gives 1 seat into the MAIN EVENT for every 15 players. it's on nov. 14th and 17th.and then a LAST CHANCE SAT $200 into the main event. 1 ticket for every 20 players. it's on nov. 22nd.main event is 1000 ppl max. phew.
  3. tickets are $495 each, and it's on Nov.18th. then on the next day, you can play a NLH tournament with Johnny Chan, phil helmuth and some other guests. buy in for that is $275.i can't afford to just buy in for the main event, so i'll have to satellite my way in. but there is a pretty good satellite. $110 buy in, 10 players, top 2 advance to the next stage which is a $500 satellite. then 1 COMBO TICKET will be awarded for every 15 players. The COMBO TICKET lets you play ALL 3 events during the BCPC which includes PLO8, PLH, and main event NLH. pretty sweet deal if you ask me. buy in just for the
  4. aww man...it would be great coverage for the BCPC if he was there . o btw, Johnny Chan and Phil Helmuth are coming to River Rock on the 18th-19th for the Ultimate Poker School.derswick and aucu, r you guys from bc also?? i'm planning on playing in the BCPC
  5. Hey DN I was wondering if you're planning on playing in the BC Poker Championship on Nov. 20th-26th in Richmond, BC at River Rock Casino and Resort? lol or have you even heard about it?
  6. man u just made a living out of playing poker. 200k in 3 days? not bad at all.
  7. lol i mean like the one they had last yr for the wsop main event final table.
  8. i wonder what poker agency fidler will sign with if he wins this thing...
  9. its just what i think JC has based on the way he played...Fidler doesnt have position and loses another pot. this is not lookin good.
  10. it a once in a lifetime thing man. super card racker
  11. when's DN MTV Diary gonna be aired?
  12. i say Jennifer Harman and Jennifer Tilly. The Jen's will take over WSOP
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