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  1. to clarify - the correct dates are august 8-10...more details at www.weekendwithdaniel.com
  2. weekend includes 3 nights in a suite at The Palazzo, the new 5 star hotel at The Venetian....definately the nicest pad in Vegas!
  3. This is a thread for poker players who have put some thought into the math behind the game Deal Or No Deal - very similar thinking between this game show and poker math decisions....Here are my thoughts - if you see any error or have a better suggestion, I'd love to hear it:When you start, there are 26 cases with the expected value of your case roughly equal to $138,000The rub of the show is that even though the expected value is $138,000, there are only 6 cases with a value higher than $138,000 and the mediun value is only $875!!Clearly the big cases sway the EV higher, and theyre the key to
  4. The least you could have done is said that he's Australasian!!! Thanks for mentioning the door swinging incident...***!
  5. re: eating while playing live - i think it would be more hygenic to eat your lunch directly out of a public trash can than to eat during live poker, after all those people have touched those chips. it amazes me that so many people eat with their fingers at the poker table.
  6. Hey Yoda, Hey GuysI hope to see a lot of you out there tomorrow night...the shows going to rock...get me drunk enough and ill tell you all the show secrets..
  7. it will be good practice for Matt for the longest 5 days of his life, July 27-31 =)
  8. OK, Jeff is here....sup Guv and Matt...lets take this one down!
  9. You guys were an awesome group and Brandon, Daniel, Patty and I had an awesome time this weekend. Great post - really nailed the spirit of the weekend. I look forward to seeing y'all again soon.FCP Jeff
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