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  1. If you think Mason is a nutcase what about Daniel? I've been locked in his basement for nearly six years.
  2. 'I found out stars is rigged. lee is keeping me in the fpp store. help.'Other than that, one of the words is 'but'
  3. what royal said...ORbuy 2 or 3 small gifts that kinda hint to bahamas...pina colada...a pinapple...after the first two you say 'merry christmas honey, hope you got what you wanted'*sneaky, i tricked u voice*ooooh, wait, i got one more.as she unwraps the last gift*loving, bf voice* 'i was just teasing you with the other ones'she: WTF! Anal lube???you: OMG! guess <insert most gay fcp'er> is gonna have a tan soon
  4. For nip tuck season 2:thepiratebay.orgyou need a bit torrent client
  5. Jerry


    Hay <---10feet----->X<---------15feet----------> Horse <--------------------25feet-------------------->
  6. OP, before replying I checked out your pokerdb and it was full of 3r and 5 tourneys. Maybe playing outside your roll caused you to play tighter?
  7. $880. broke even, DN style...
  8. i know.but, i wanted ppl to take note of the ft as well. feeding my ego as well.
  9. Final table 3.30r.Six-handed at final table.AK < A7 AIPF.7 on the river.GG me.At least there's more beer in the fridge....
  10. ok... steamed left. anyone care to explain what 1.4 means?
  11. Mr Steamed Rice.What does 1.4 mean? Couldn't find it on the R&R page. If it's something cool i'll add it to my vocabulary.jerry
  12. The real question is whether or not the lack of randomness hit you by random.And you don't have to play for real money, try play money thats random for sure.
  13. are we allowed to post answers? hope so...(997, 0, 1, 0, 2)
  14. Limerick to MushuThere once was a wee, little doggySo cute, your eyes got all foggyWe'd play fetch for a while But since I am a zoophileWe had to stop 'cause my stick got too soggy
  15. it's okay. today is casual wear...
  16. come on. you said you would cover for me...
  17. i called in sick today to play poker is it okay then mk?
  18. wohooo. won a 180 man sitngo on stars.last hand:Stack sizes:Jerry: t214354BB: t55646Pre-flop: (2 players) Jerry is SB with 3♣ 3 Jerry calls t2000 (pot was t6400), BB raises all-in t55446, Jerry calls t51446 (pot was t59846).Flop: K♥ K♣ K (t111292, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t111292)Turn: 3♠ (t111292, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t111292)River: 7♣ (t111292, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t111292)wohooo
  19. i bought an ipod today and started exporting all my mp3s to itunes... but itunes doesnt automatically keep the folders they're in so its a lot of gigs of music in one long playlist... how do i get itunes to keep the folders?please help.-jerry
  20. aaaaaaaaaaand im out.2600% return on investment
  21. damn.... edited too late
  22. Dont get me in a sad mood for my FT...
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