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  1. I wish I was anywhere within a few hours of AC. Unfortunately I'm out on the west coast. Play cards for a few hours and then see a show from a great band, sounds amazing. Have fun to anyone who is going.
  2. you guys got Chan, Brunson, and Seidel. the others were David Chiu and O'neil Longson
  3. I was just milling about in the gallery, and for the picture of his three WSOP bracelets it says that he's the only player with a bracelet from all three eras of the ownership of the WSOP. It was true until five others made it happen in 2005. If anyone can come up with the five players they win my nod of approval.
  4. I was playing an omaha h/l tourney on PokerStars.I have about 1800 in chips, 150-300 limit.UTG+1 I'm dealt AA35, no suits.I raise three players cold call. BB 3 bets. I cap. All call.At this point I have about 1200Flop: Js 8c 5h, not a bad flop, but not a good oneI have aces with the 2nd nut low drawBB checks, I bet, all callTurn: 7c, makes a board of : Js 7c 5h 8cThis makes a possible straight, but someone would have to be playinga pretty raggedy hand, plus I have the 2nd nut lowBB checks, I bet, only the three players behing me callI have about only 750 leftRiver: Jc, such an ugly card for my
  5. On 2+2, I read that Joe Cassidy is expressing interest in playing DN in heads up limit hold 'em. Daniel also expressed concern over the match, implying that Cassidy is a tough limit hold 'em player. I don't know much about him except for what I've seen from him on TV (USPC and WPT Invitational). Is Joe Cassidy a regular big limit player (1000-2000 and up)? Even a 400-800 player would find it tough to put up 100K of his bankroll.
  6. Oh yeah, my take (although it is probably irrelevant) is:Limit Hold'em - DNOmaha H/L - DNStud H/L - BGStud - BG2-7 Triple Draw - PushA-5 Triple Draw- PushPot Limit Omaha - BGPot Limit Hold'em - DNNo Limit Hold'em - DNOn a side note, why wasn't NL 2-7 Draw put into the mix?
  7. I guess a new flame has started between Barry and Daniel due to DN's challenge and Barry's statements about the 5 great players. DN said that Barry is willing to play DN heads up in all of the games offered. How do you think they match up against each other in these games:Limit Hold'emOmaha H/LStud H/LStud2-7 Triple DrawA-5 Triple DrawPot Limit OmahaPot Limit Hold'emNo Limit Hold'em
  8. I just wonder what limits these guys play and claim they could beat the big game. I have read that Sklansky plays 300-600, but I have also read about Sklansky playing in an 80-160 game. I know these are not small stakes to say the least, but I'm sure a 300-600, much less an 80-160, game plays much differently than a 4000-8000. What limits do they regularly play?
  9. Now that all of this commotion is coming up about Barry Greenstein and the Big Game players, I wonder who could hold their own in the Big Game. DN said in one of his blogs that most tournament players are either broke or being staked, and couldn't hack it in the big game. I'm just questioning some of this because there are a lot of players that DN apparently has a lot of respect for, yet they are strictly tournament players. DN is always praising John Juanda's game, but he is mainly a tournament player. I assume that John Juanda or Layne Flack or Howard Lederer or other tournament players are
  10. the only justification i can see in folding is that you will have the button and can see seven more hands before posting the BB, but i still think moving in is the best play by far
  11. I think moving in is clearly the best play in this spot. Of course A8o is far from a premium hand, but there is 2250 laying out in the pot for the taking. The justification that you can wait for a better spot is not very good considering the amount of information that you are given on this hand. If you fold and wait the whole round, yes, you may pick up a hand better than A8o; however, many hands are raised and you probably cant make that many steals before you wittle away. What if a player raises and you pick up a hand like AJ or 55. What kind of a spot are you in now? The amount of informat
  12. I'm gonna start asking for poker tips on the foodnetwork.com forum
  13. I think a call is correct in this spot. He's reraising you with one of most likely three hands. He either has AA, KK, or AK. Although he could be reraising with AQ or JJ or also QQ, the first three are most likely. Of those three, he is 57% to have AK. He only hits the flop about 33% of the time with AK. If you call, there will be about 1500 in the pot. If the flop comes with an A or K you can check and only lose 750. If the flop comes three blanks, you can bet 1000, and he probably wont follow up with AK. If he has AA or KK, you will find out on the flop and lay your hand down easily.
  14. If your 21000 chip stack is more than 100x the big blind, you dont need it. Even if you have over 50x the big blind you dont really need it, but its always nice to pad your chip stack. Up to you and how much $5 is worth to you.
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