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  1. dont worry jeepster i was rejected also.. their loss wanna cyber and use our tears as lube ?
  2. this post made me happy for some reason and im pretty sure that its the fact that i can replace you with me as a young kid pretending to be my favorite hockey heros ans the hockey with tennis balls but now at the same time im sad becouse i miss the fun being a little kid with no stress or a care in the world :(THIS POST HAS MY EMOTIONS ALL OUTTA WACK
  3. id like to recomend theo fluerys new book was pretty cool imo "he def made some coke dealers rich"
  4. 1/2 for canada gold and silver so awsome now on to hockey WOOOHOO what a game for canada shutting down the russian offence so happy ovechkin probly fired them up with his pre game comments "its going to be great beating canada in canada" amazing cycle work and grinding well deserved.as for lu not looking good what ???? 2 goals he couldnt even see the puck the rest he smotherd with hardly any rebounds i think he played awsome.
  5. lol wheres the drama llama pic.. poor guy atleast they both wont get a dime ,, well hopefully
  6. luongo looked good. kinda annoyed that crosby took the PS instead of iginla or nash.. sigh, w/e. tomorrows game is going to be alot tougher obv cant wait <que tony g > BRING ON THE RUSSIANS !
  7. for a person who sleeps till 2 pm ev day i been up since 10 am waiting for the action today very excited i LOVE elimination hockey LETS GO CANADA
  8. ran about as bad as one cld possibly run today. really dissapointed.
  9. my bad yes i did mean the empty netter. SHOOT ME !!! i def agree with this
  10. i think there d was pretty horrid tonight .. ? along with goaltending.i mean 3 of the 4 goals were becouse lazy D.. give away.. ok unluckypronger sleeping... ok was a power playlast goal .. no excuse
  11. give the kids a pass at least until you see if he answers his door, kick him n the nuts twice for me pls.
  12. but veterans PWn>noobz ???? <sarcasm>
  13. obv would rather it be for the gold metal but overall it shld be fun and im looking forward to it.
  14. pronger broduer perry all sucked today. ill give broduer a pass becouse he is a top 10 all time goalie but i hope pronger is benched for the rest of the olympics. as for perry skate you fktard i mean wow
  15. i def played about as bad as i could.. just one of those days no hands no luck mixed with bad play = complete horse manure glad you recouped some of the buy ins back .
  16. well 5 of 20 cashed 25% so 4 left hopefully at least 1 goes super deep seems reasnoble gl guys
  17. how many horses cashed still in ? gg jc hopefully you get a nice return from someone
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