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  1. Doubt we get a team back within the next 10-15 years.. and quite frankly i dont think we can keep an nhl team here if we got one . Im sure the first 2 years we would see good numbers but after that the fan base that is willing to shell 100+ for tickets will drop dramaticly.just not enough money in winnipeg for the average person to support a team and thats a sad fact but one that wont change anytime soon. as much as id love to see hockey back in town i think places like hamilton and qubec deserve it much more.the ahl isnt that bad of hockey any way its not nhl caliber but its something afforda
  2. loooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  3. ya pretty much no confidance in my game atm .. think ill pass sigh
  4. sickboy are you on any medication for mental illnes ?
  5. where have you been rose noticed you havent been posting much latley you sick ?
  6. as far as i have seen no he didnt .. harass away lolz that one is a whole differant story from bible thumping to scamming but im sure he can just ask god to forgive him and all is good amirite ?
  7. not gonna jump on you but why would you make bets with people you cant pay back asap ?
  8. i almost twisted my ankle jumping for that goal couldnt of happend to a better person than crosby he is the face of canadaa hockey for the next 20 years mine as well get used to it guys.such an absolutley awsome game glad i dvr'd it
  9. i think i was having a mild heart attack during the last 2 minutes . i was getting a sharp pain in my left chest drinking some tonic water hopefully it was just gass .. no matter how disapointed i will be if we lose it was a great game and so worth the time to waist indoors while its beautiful outside. even tho i called iginla i want toews to score the winner hometown boy go go gobe back after game
  10. OMFG ... <nail biting>pls pls pls one time .. im calling iginla gets the winner
  11. thats how its done ..no epic choke
  12. is that dealer on daniels tble fresh off the boat ?
  13. these dude curlers are way better than the girls much better to watch except i cant close my eyes to them and enjoy hearing hurry harder. ya ya ya hurry hurry harderrrr .. ok ill stop
  14. i never followed him prior to this olympics but wow has he grown on me one of the hardest working players i have seen in awhile every shift he gives it his all reminds me of a ryan smyth with hands.missed half the third period "went out" but i found team canada to be quite sloppy today and if the play like they did today vs the states its going to be a sad ending imo
  15. meh so did i .. just guess i wasnt involved enough that or becouse im canadian,
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