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  1. Thanks for the replies. Things are going better out here. people are getting taken care of LLou.. what hospital? You are in this field, I am just an IT/comms guy but have been told we are the largest Trauma hospital in the world now, with over 500 trauma patients being taken care of onboard at this time. Don't know your situation, but I was talking with a nurse today and she is saying that they have a 19 patients to one nurse ratio and normal is about 5 to 1. So they might be taking volunteers thru project hope.. if you are interested. Let me know and I can find out for you. to anyone else, my
  2. Greetings from USNS Comfort. Ahwhile ago I psoted that I was heading down here to Haiti to support comms for the ships providing medical care. I told everyone that I would keep people in the loop best I can. Well, the executive officer (XO) onboard has been keeping a blog, with write ups and pictures of this current mission.http://comfort-xo.blogspot.com/Stop over and read it, amazing work being done to help these people out.
  3. I am getting ready to head down their onboard the USNS Comfort to support the command and control, data and communication needs that will be used. I have gotten some feedback, "intel" and stuff like that... they REALLY need all kinds of help. My hats off to pokerstars in doing this and encourage EVERYONE to do what they can for this to help as much as they can. I will try and update how things are going while down there. Advanced thanks to those that do what they can to help this country and their people in a great time of need.
  4. Broke as in the situation you talked about. He couldn't pay you back and had to earn the money back grinding it out. After he paid you back, did he ever run into a spot where he had to borrow cash again and grind it out paying it back?Unless I read it wrong, but it seems that the money you loaned him was all the cash he had in the world and had to grind a bankroll back up. Merry Christmas too!!!
  5. Was this the last time he went broke? Are you the catalyst that got him "on his way" with this loan?
  6. 2nd question.. whos life "experience" coming up they way they did, made them better players? doyle or durr? By that i mean, Doyle living on the road, playing and grinding out the small games bulding up a bankroll, or Durr mutil tabling tables to build up a bankroll online?In other words, if doyle was up and coming now a days, in 50 years how scary good would he be? do you think Durr, coming up the way he did, hurts him or helps him? could Durr have done it the way doyle did?wow, that is a lot of questions.. damn xmas party and excess of rum...... hope these questions made sense.
  7. DN, my family and my prayers are with you, I am so sorry for your loss.Never met here, but I can tell that she was quite special by the way you spoke of her.
  8. I am not an online player really, dont use any of the software that I see talked about all the time. BUT.. i did notice one thing that was very impressive to me. Your hands played selection MUST be outstanding, as from what I can tell you are winning about 88% of the hands that you play!!! Unless I am reading that wrong, you entered into a pot 384 times, and of that 384 you won 340 of them (46 plus 294). I would say though, on that note, that maybe your hands that go to showdown seem a tad bit low, but taking down pots without showing down or (I assume) not having to make decisions is a good j
  9. Is DN playing cash games at casinos anymore?
  10. Buy in big ($200) and play small ball with him. What will happen, he will have a big hand (AA, KK) and you will have your 67 suited, flop it big and he will stack off to you. Basics, play position, see flops and out play him if you can. Let him trap himself. My guess, all he knows is aggression and cannot play post flop.Good luck
  11. Standard answer here.. depends.If I am after someone, and they make a standard raise (cash games, about 4 - 6x BB is what I usually see in games I play), and I have 7d8d I am calling. I would also do the same thing with AdKd, QQ, etc. Leak of mine I guess, but only time I re-raise is with AA or KK. Now for my raises, I would do the same raise with AA or 5d6d, to me that is key, have to stay constant. I have also noticed with small ball type plays, people dont seem to remember what you raise with, but what you end up with. If you have been showing strong hands after the river, even if you got i
  12. Mix it up somewhat, at least that is what I do. In other words, play "normal" pre-flop, minimize the pot size post flop in mariginal spots and ONLY play big pots on YOUR terms. I play small ball in my cash games, and have done quite well at it. Position is lot more key in my opinion as well. But the key, see lots of flops, but play only big pots on your terms.
  13. 300 BB is good, but only if you are able to win one BB per hour. If you can do that, then 300 BB almost (99%) guarantees that you will not go broke. if you are a 1/2 BB per hour player, then you need 600BB bankroll. If you are a 2 BB per hour player, then 150 BB bankroll is good. See the pattern?I think Ken Warren is the author of the book about playing for a living and proper bankroll management. He has a series of three books I believe on playing for a living, but not "what kind of hands" to play type book, but dealing with tilt, bankroll management, etc..Good luck, I love STUD and will be t
  14. Daniel, I dont know if you read these often, and with everything going on I am assuming you do not have the time. My wife and I, in fact my whole family are praying for you. Is there anyway to send flowers, cards, money to help with medical costs? my wife and I would like to help best we can.
  15. What professional lives in South Carolina?
  16. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29124796/
  17. Been reading on different news sites, that a professional poker player got arrested because of Michael Phelps smoking some weed, anyone know who the player is?
  18. News is reporting a professional poker player was arrested because of this, anyone know who it is?
  19. when you played in it, how were the players?
  20. Anyone going to it this weekend? Anyone play in it in the past?
  21. i bought mine from this ebay store, and they are gorgeous chips, and these are mine.
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