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  1. Against loose aggressive players you have to charge them more preflop making it 150 or 180 is no problem here, they'll most likely call. After the flop, if they have been playing aggressively to pick it up its unlikely that they'll do it everytime and on a drawy board like this one you have to c-bet. If a good aggressive player has been betting a lot he'll be aware that your aware of this and will get smart and would probably check the draw for a free card incase his thinking that your going to check raise him if he semi-bluffs. Also, semi-bluffing for him or just bluffing in general is hard a
  2. Wow... Daniel are you serious! You are a complete sock puppet or idiot! In fact I've seen better looking less smelly sock puppets in my life time!Actually, I'm jk this whole thing is ridiculous, and you have every right to be angry. Greg has turned this into a middle school playground arguing over who's right and wrong with name calling... totally not necessary... He's totally killing his reputation.I don't know where to start with this..."Daniel did not go to law school, nor even to college"First thing that bothers me the most is Greg saying that because daniel's not a lawyer, didn't go to co
  3. Which Thread is Daniel referring to Raymer in daniels recent video blog
  4. DN owes me a picture actually!Back when he tour Ontario's Red Hot Poker Tour, he came by my local bar, and i was suppose to get a picture with him (I asked him if i could get a picture with him he said 'yeah sure' but than when i was getting the camera ready he literally ran away when they called him and totally forgot about me ), but than he got distracted.But DN, I will see you again, and get that picture. Even if it takes 30 yrs of my life!
  5. I second that!The video blog is an awesome feature. Its unique in the sense that you don't see any other professional player do it plus, you get to do a lot more. Like that fake drunken scene was hilarious, there's some other cool things that you don't get to do in a written blog. Just the visual aid to look into daniel's life is awesome.
  6. Check it out boys!http://www.cardplayer.com/tournaments/chip...29?viewall=true
  7. Maybe, I always wanted to be a pro poker player like daniel though
  8. I think I'm with Daniel on this one. It's the WPT, they should be able to setup their tournament their way, if poker players have a problem they don't have to play in it, and also there's no need to sue WPT for it.Here's the article on it.http://www.pokersourceonline.com/news.asp?poker=404
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