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  1. if your dad knows the butcher fairly well, see if he can hook you up with a cut called a rib cap. This is the site I've gotten it from before: http://www.flannerybeef.com/butcher/prime-beef/midwestern/midwestern-beef-ribcap.html This is stupid good when I've had it.
  2. nope. My store sells a shitload of it though Some people like it, but it would be pure hell for me. I like visiting my friends that live in a town of about 10Kish, but I couldn't imagine living there. The city benefits have all been mentioned and I'm not all that much of an outdoorsy guy, so those parts of small city living are useless to me. I'd probably go insane if I lived in a small plains or texas city.
  3. getting progressively drunk and watching before midnight
  4. it's more fun reading it like this. I'm staying at my mom's tonight because I had to be at work til 11 and have be back there at 10 tomorrow. So, naturally there's a lot of halloween candy. So, there's a lot of tootsie rolls and I keep grabbing the ones that look like turds instead of the small rolls. I'm also having a zombie dust
  5. this is a reason to have sex with her, not date her (and not have sex with her). She sounds crazy, so dating her won't turn out well and being a FWB may not turn out well, but at least it comes with benefits. .....and I'm on beer #4 right now:
  6. 1) my first reaction on seeing the action would've been to C/C the turn. But, the pot was so big even if you only had 8 outs that betting the turn still would've been the right action 2) Well, with the board the way you said it, 15 outs would've been a best case scenario. Given how dumb a lot of live players are (and even up to mid-limits), running into the problem of being reverse dominated against a small ace is possible. But, still, betting into the pot given how passive they are and how big it is is probably the best way to get the most value out of the hand (and raising the flop).
  7. a phantom, a ghost, a figment of your imagination
  8. you may be pleased (or not pleased) to know the drought buster is/was from vancouver Oh, and BigD, while United are sucking a fat one this year, it's 20-18 now. EAT IT
  9. to give a quick update, to answer the obvious question, it's yes and the number has been 5 so far.
  10. c'mon, you know better than to drink a wheat beer. Boulevard does tons of other better stuff than that Part of this is correct, the other, not so much. Double Wide is solid, but pales to other awesome DIPAS. Saison Brett, Rye-On-Rye, and BBQ are easily their best smokestack beers. Is this a comeback or a drive by?
  11. sub no. 5- Warren Bartonat one point he was the most expensive defender in the world when he was snapped up by Newcastle for 4m GBP, funny how things change in 14 yearsWell, that's not the only reason I'm picking him. He was quality on the ball and an excellent defender when he was needed to. In this side, I'll use him for his attacking prowess and quality passing, but his defending won't be looked over either. He deserved more caps for england and if he played for another country like spain or france, he may have been more recognized, well, what's england's loss is my gain. He will also help
  12. sorry it took me so long, have been working on a paper and its mid-termshave to leave right now, but my pick is Des Walker
  13. ugh. Honestly as a ManU fan, I'd rather face barca instead of Chelski, its weird but I think we can shut down their midfield a lot better then we could on chelsea's
  14. didn't quite go like this today, now did it find some sort of pic of messi pwning someone or something. or a very unhappy pic of Abramovich
  15. Sub #3-Rob LeeI'll continue with my attacking scheme and gladly add Rob Lee to my squad. I like his versatility as he can be both an attacking mid or a defensive mid(in the role he played under Sir Bobby). He should be able to provide great passing to add to what is fast becoming a classy attack that I've assembled that should all work well together as a team
  16. maybe against boro, but I wouldn't fancy them to get it done against fulham
  17. 2nd sub pick- Nigel martynhe's actually gonna be my starting keeper. I figure I'll take a former england keeper right now as there is plenty of value with only 7 of us drafting, so I'm gonna make sure I nab someone I should've taken before
  18. 1) depends on how many hands on the player that is to my right and two seats to my right. If there is a weaker player two seats to my right and a fairly knowledgeable player immeaditely to my right, that seat is no good. But, if they are a standard tag that can't adjust, then that seat is fairly good2) not really, there are enough fish short handed to really pick on one specific player for the most part. When it gets the the higher limits, picking on one player works3) in a sense yes, but there are un-named sites that do a great job at giving you good tables
  19. sorry, I kept on getting an error message for almost two days anytime I tried to post
  20. subs 1- Dwight Yorkehow he's still available is far beyond me. He won't be a straight sub as I'll figure out a way to put him in a rotation of some sort. This is the kind of player that you figure out a way to get him on the pitch and worry about the rest later
  21. Final XI(subject to change after subs round)HedmanFinnan Radebe Keown PearceKanchelskis Keane Le Tissier Robben Wright Rooney
  22. bleh, I'll delete, sorry. On Mike Riley tilt right now
  23. rigged, I don't get the first pick in any of the sub rounds and am at teh ass end of three of themI had a write up for my team, but lost it when my computer restarted, so I'm just gonna wait until after the subs
  24. Not a fan of the euro signingalso, I think we should do full evaluations after the subs round. There are a few changes I may want to make to my side depending on what I do in the subs round. my whole goal has been to go for a balanced attacking side to where you don't know exactly where the goals will specifically come from
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