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  1. I am fine. You have to remember the context of my last post. I was debating sharing my blog with you all to allow you some/more access into who I am, where I've been etc... Then I realized that nobody here even wanted me here. Remembering Napa's collage of posts wondering where I was when I was in the hospital one thing that jumped out at me was some comment about being too dumb or whatever to even care or notice I was being Jeepstered for the longest time. Brvy claims to be the godly one but was probably the biggest ass to me of anyone until recently. Napa goes from being a dick to not a
  2. I think not, but thanks for responding. Between most of the posts napa posted when I was MIA and the lack of interest here I've been wondering why I bother. For whatever reason, caused by me I am sure, I apparently just don't fit here. So be good, I truly hope for the best for ya'll and maybe I'll check in from time to time.
  3. So I started a blog the other day. Mostly/totally just covering my illness so far. Since posting the first blog I've been debating sharing it with ya'll. Part of me feels like I should because it's been years we've "known" each other and, considering my illness, I'd better get it to you before I can't. But I don't know 'bout some of ya'll having this info frankly. I may choose a blog bearer to hold on to the into in case but not share it with the whole (lol) thread. Decisions.
  4. Had to take advantage of a couple, three hits to get through the day today. Just felt tired and like crap.
  5. The chickens are vegetarian so eating them qualifies you as one I think.
  6. Heh. I have a wife. She ain't letting me skip a single appointment or drug dose. Daughters either for that matter. Doubt I'd be so careful about it if I were alone. Would be too easy to wake up in the morning feeling like crap and just skip an appointment. Correction, They pay for your insurance for an extra month then they fire you,
  7. Chemo yesterday and back in today for a couple units of blood because my white cells have been running on the low side of normal. Not the most enjoyable way to spend Easter but it'll probably make me feel better so that's good.
  8. No such thing as "all for naught". At the very least you got your resume updated and a couple practice interviews done. Think strong, be strong, Napster.
  9. Nothing to be nervous about. You already have a job, it's up to them to convince you that theirs is better than the one you got. Worse case scenario you got a reason to spend the weekend in the MSP. Lot less pressure than if you're unemployed and need the job.
  10. Good luck Napster! Alive and kicking. Hows the Chipotle change to chorizo going? I was thinking, I usually forego beans and get double meat. 1 chicken/1 chorizo might be a hell of a good bowl, ya know?
  11. Good luck that the offer comes through and the salary is befitting a professional of your caliber Napster, Chemo today, Just a shade over 5 hours so par for the course, Couldn't really sleep after not sleeping real well last night so that was disappointing,
  12. No clue what this is all about. edit; found it. Couldn't be more sad for you Ronnie. Good Morning.
  13. Seriously though, what is a google hangout? Did you guys know I'm not eating solid food? Can't imagine I didn't mention it but can't remember either. It's horrible. I like to cook and eat way to much for this. Maybe if you're lucky I'll post a pic of my feeding tube. Had not one but TWO magnificent naps today. Wife woke me up from the first one because I had a Dr appt. and I was ticked. Luckily when I got home I was able to find that same nap greatness and slept hard for 2.5 hours. IE, Napster and SA seem to be just killing the work world. Congrats to you guys.
  14. My hair was thinning pretty well before but now I rely on the custom chemo cut. Only place I really have hair is my arms.
  15. He still with that Mexican woman he found online? Been in the hospital since Monday evening. Expect to explain going home tomorrow with a brand new J Peg stomach tube and 4 or 5 rounds more chemo, served weekly.
  16. You're about the age I was when I lost my first grandparent. I remember thinking I was lucky from that standpoint. I'm working on it Ronnie (not dying). I don't think it's quite that dire yet but I'll certainly let you know. Thinking I'll probably go play this weekend. Because what you said and that it seems to be shrinking still.
  17. And, agreed with SA. I can't imagine a boss of mine responding like that.
  18. Yes. But sometimes a critical activity is not an interest and visa versa. I was acknowledging my interest along with the obvious critical activity, Thanks. I really want to go play poker and I know my wife would love a night out of the house, but I don't want to go with this stupid looking lump on my face.
  19. MGM sportsbook is my favorite I hate what they did when they put the poker room in freaking corner where nobody can find it apparently. Luckily the guys from the cement industry in for a week long convention, were just as bad at poker as when they had the old room location. All bets are probably off with the still disturbing news of pay to park and drink rationing. Actually I don't drink more than a couple beers during a poker session, but it's the principal of the thing. Had an Oncologist appt today. She wasn't impressed with the progress of the lump on my cheek disappearing (frankly,
  20. Whywaste my time besmirching individual college BB programs when everyone knows they all suck, when you get right down to it. Same as College Football.
  21. I don't think this thread would exist anymore, assuming it still does, if there weren't besmirching going on.
  22. Sorry to hear that SA. The thing with our thing is nobody actually died. Hoping our trend stays the same. Although beans is probably 50/50 dead or incarcerated.
  23. That's what I was thinking. So you almost died in 2015, I almost died in 2016, just hoping we don't continue this trend in 2017. Other than that, I can't remember what got me thinking about this.
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