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  1. This is my favorite tournament to watch. not only because anne duke is one of my favorite female players, but because she is one of my favorite players!! She is in my top 10. I think when she showed the nine was the greatest thing ive ever seen. To see phill go on and on about that hand, she really seemed to get to him. It was beautiful. She is a great player, I hope that she always gets the credit that she deserves.
  2. I usually would call being in position. I would even call a raise, Pot odds. If 4 other people called a raise out of position chances are good that they all had pretty legit hands. If my read is correct then I would assume that alot of high cards are out. Making me feel the flop would be in my favor. I could be wrong about this but that is how i play that hand in that position.
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    Newbies are what makes this game great. We all have to remember that we were once the fish at the table. (I still am sometimes) Its a great game, and without new players I would make very little money playing it. But aside from that, you do have to know who you are bluffing. True, the person with king high probably shouldnt have called you down regardless of what they thought you had, but that is poker. Its why I love the game. You can have absoulute crap in your hand and still win the pot. take care all!
  4. good advice in this room. Im glad to see it. Im sure someday soon I will come a'callin' with a equivalant story/query .
  5. ill check there, ive never heard of that sight before. so thank you
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    New XBox Games

    yeah your probably right.
  7. jessy

    New XBox Games

    thats dissapointing. Is there anything in the works coming out soon? I know that there is a lame game for the gameboy. there is a handful of people around here at the coffee shop that play it, but it pretty much sucks.
  8. jessy

    New XBox Games

    Is there any poker games for the x-box?
  9. thats a really good idea. I do become aware of some of my mannerrisms while i am playing. Ill watch more carefully! thank you
  10. As of late my game has been taking a dramatic dive. Im trying to figure out what I am doing differently. I dont play in huge games, but in my smallish home games I would win consistanly. Now, im losing pretty much every time i play. I have been trying to watch other players more closely and their betting patterns, but Im still not coming out ahead. any ideas!!! Ill try anything!!
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