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  1. Please learn how to spell the world champs surname correctly before posting again. its Hachem.Dan G
  2. head over to www.pokernetwork.com.au and use the noticeboard there its all aussie's. yes ill be there and yes played last year. Competition is ok but dont forget they are cheap tourneys so will entice begginers etc. so im stickin to the main and the hot shots.CheersDan G
  3. quick note to any yanks etc. not liking cricket. Im from Australia so its easy to like when we are always winning, but honestly watch a ODI (one day international) were there is limited overs of 50 and like it says is over in 1 day starts at 2pm and can go upto bout 10pm. This will see alot of wickets and alot of runs and not just blocking and a good tite game towards the end, cricket is a very skillful game and like someone posted,Think nice 30c day, not a cloud in site, nice cold beer either in ur backyard havin a bbq with mates or @ the game urself there really is no better way to spend a s
  4. im from australia, and its awesome having a team which just beats everyone, we also have so much youth coming through and great development in juniors i can see it continuing for some time hehehe.Dan G
  5. Thanks alot guys much appreciated.Dan G
  6. Wanna play the super thursday and was wondering about structures and start banks on party as i havent played there in a long time.ThanksDaniel G
  7. W00t nice double up wit KK.Keep it upDan
  8. but it clearly states you get your buyin back. Rigged.Even thou i have done well in fulltilt tourneys i think there structure seriously blows 10min levels are a joke. especially for a $1K tourney they coulda made some adjustments,Anyways Goodluck to HoosieralumDan G
  9. heres the hand.PokerStars Game #4345651435: Tournament #20790265, Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (400/800) - 2006/03/19 - 19:22:18 (ET)Table '20790265 55' Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: PrtyPsux (9162 in chips) Seat 2: donkeypatrol (11248 in chips) Seat 3: jrl75 (4974 in chips) Seat 4: RockyWaters (6750 in chips) Seat 5: RIGrad (9973 in chips) Seat 6: coffeecrazy1 (8332 in chips) Seat 7: MAKOTO (7840 in chips) Seat 8: OneNutJoe (36262 in chips) Seat 9: witcher53 (18486 in chips) PrtyPsux: posts the ante 40donkeypatrol: posts the ante 40jrl75: posts the ante 40RockyWaters: posts the ante 40RIGrad: p
  10. Oh my god that was soooo UGLY, he tried to give you his chips but pokerstars wouldnt have it.Bad LuckDan G
  11. WoW that OneNutJoe is on quite a rush, its ok you will double up through him soonKeep it up.Dan G
  12. nice win sir, didnt see from final 5 as i had to run but nice cash Daniel G
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