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  1. I think when it's all said and done, the "Big 4" (Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal) will be at the top of the table. Portsmouth has been surprising and could make a run at it if Liverpool continues their terrible road form.
  2. KOBE BRYANT...no doubt. He can single handedly(¿) win any game. This year Lamar Odom's stepping up his game so the Lakers should make another unexpected playoff run.
  3. You opened this because it said "Top 10 Girls of Poker",but would u have opened it if it said"GOD" in it ? Just a thought...
  4. Denver's definitely going to win. But, the best game of the weekend is going to be the Colts vs. the Steelers because I'm going to love seeing Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers get BLOWN OUT.
  5. Cam'ron is garbage. If you wanna scrap We canBut I feel like Jackie ChanExactly manKong FuMurder thoughts like John WooI would post other lyrics but it would be a waste of all of our time.
  6. why hasn't anybody even mentioned Nas yet?
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