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  1. Holy Shit, that is amazing. I've always said that Italians were the best trolls of all time.
  2. It's not a debate you can win with better facts. That's how most 'institutional racism' proponents roll. They think that saying the term itself constitutes a valid argument without a need for any factual or logical support. It's one of those things where maybe 5% of it is true. The other 95% is not true and just irrational hysteria.
  3. Who is oppressing who? The 'oppression theory' is interesting as it takes little anecdotes and tries to extrapolate it into a prevailing thesis that just doesn't scale. So, fact: young black dudes are waaaaaaaaaaaaay more likely to be pulled over in a traffic stop for a BS reason than an old white lady. This does not adequately explain why they're statistically less likely to have an IQ over 110 or go to engineering college than a random Chinese immigrant but if you listen to the left, the reason they're not astronauts is because someone in Oklahoma said the N word. This argument t
  4. This is the rejection of post-modernism, though. It's absurd to say things like: ... while ignoring factual context. During our cultural apogee (probably the mid-late 1960's), we were barely out of legal, systemic segregation, the completely insane narratives of post-modern social science academia were nowhere to be found and any given Asian on a television show was as likely to look like this... http://nikkeiview.co.../feelingyu2.jpg ... as anything else. What made American "great" was not "diversity". To the contrary, our cultural decline has corresponded pretty precisely wit
  5. What video? Here are the ones I've seen. The most commonly seen one. Video cuts on just as he drives into the fray. https://www.theguard...le-video-report One from the perspective of the crowd. https://www.youtube....h?v=Hpzkw3C4tSA No clue how witnesses to an event might be able to attest to whether or not something was 'premeditated' barring their being psychic in some way... and I seriously doubt a group of left wing protesters who just got plowed down by a right wing driver are going to say anything other than they're tragic victims of a violent extremist. Here's one where th
  6. This is 100% accurate and it's amazing to see the utterly insane rush on this, motivated by counter-signaling his presumed ideology. There's pretty compelling evidence his car was being attacked. If you're in a vehicle surrounded by hostiles, you don't get out. It is possible this was a vehicle attack by a right winger against a group of left wingers. It is possible this guy was under attack by left wingers, in his car, surrounded, and freaked out. This is why you just avoid these ****ing things all together. Given the potential facts in play here, Trump was right to not
  7. It was huge and really complicated, though. That one article just cites one anecdotal example of where ag exports might be harmed.
  8. Yeah. Uh huh. Sure. http://www.blueparadise-dr.com/ http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/rush-limbaughs-dominican-stag-party
  9. What about crime? Switzerland just determined that Africans are about 12X more likely to commit crimes than naive born Swiss. https://www.blick.ch...-id7061264.html Matter of fact, crime in Switzerland is almost entirely Africans, Rumanians and Turks. Why do you suppose that is? Colonialism? Or is it racism... And at what point is a society allowed to evaluate whether or not migration from certain regions is a benefit to them or a detriment without being called "racist" for nothing more than making logical conclusions from inarguable facts? Because it seems that to p
  10. Women from there are very pretty. Can't blame him.
  11. Tactical domain acquisition, while dated in the social media age, is nothing new. OJ shitted up his reputation, Trump had some nexus with him so Trump's counsel bought that domain in case Trump ever had to put out content if he were attacked on that. He also owns IHateTrumpVodka.com, DonaldTrumpSucks.com, etc.
  12. The thing is, this was a golden ****ing platter for them for them to not only win near term elections, but to secure an actual constituency going forward. Nuke most of HusseinHealth but bring along that addressed the dysfunctions of the Pre Obamacare era. Break up the insurance monopolies and allow free market competition. Add risk-pool funding to Medicaid for medical cost outliers. Start attacking cost at the funding level of medicare/medicaid. Straight up price fixing. If you're going to deal with the government on medical stuff, you're going to get paid on time but the government is
  13. It has never been about finding a workable solution with them. It's all about the costs Obamacare put on midsized local and regional businesses, who are enormously influential with Republicans and have been squealing bloody death ever since the employer mandates were put in. To repeat, the Republican party gives precisely 0 ****s about healthcare, other than shedding it's core donor constituency of the part that make them pay for part of it.
  14. Canada is presently in that 'early Sweden' phase where they can keep taking in the 3rd World without the consequences spilling onto the doorsteps of regular Canadians, so the idealists control things and the people forced to live with the reality of their idealism and speak out about it are shouted down as 'racists'. It will take another generation of these policies before the consequences set in, idealism is abandoned by large groups of the population and the expected backlash begins. This could accelerate if ultra left wing policy changes are implemented or there's some critical mass of
  15. Kownacki won, so if you listened to me, haha. You lost! Scarier yet he stopped him in 4. That was far and away the best Kownacki has ever looked, expect him to move up hard and fast after this. More good fights on free TV. Boxing may be entering a renaissance here.
  16. I've been reading a lot about Strategic Defense Initiative in the 1980's. https://en.wikipedia...ense_Initiative SDI was the proposed moonshot of the 1980's. While it was absolutely a major engineering challenge, notwithstanding various media fantasies... ...nothing about the concept was impossible or even improbable. Tough? Yes... but so was the idea of flying a rocketship into space with men on the tip, blasting that and some kind of launch vehicle off onto the moon, then returning in a capsule. That's how engineering goes. Shit seems insane until someone does it, then nobody thin
  17. If anyone is considering placing a bet on a non-major boxing contest where there might be some degree of value, taking the favored Arthur Szpilka over Adam Kownacki seems to be a pretty good bet at -400'ish. I've watched enough of both (with most Kownacki fights in the past day or so) to know that he (Kownacki) is a skilled journeyman, but he's not at Szpilkas level and stands only a punchers chance, which is -1200 at best.
  18. If he's been boning it on taxes and interest/penalties have been applied, given the dollar amounts of his previous purses and they way he spends money, it's possible he's in a horrifyingly deep hole. He says it's all sorted out, he has a $100,000,000 check he hasn't even deposited, but if you need a crystal clear example of his utter financial illiteracy, consider for a minute he has a one hundred million dollar check that he hasn't deposited. There is no entity on earth I'd trust to shelve a check for a tiny fraction of that amount of money. I don't think that taking the boxing match wi
  19. This strikes me as just more anti-Semitic trope about how the Jews are out to harm the American worker to benefit the "merchant class". Actually surprised to see Bob post this sort of thing.
  20. As of now, $5 gets you $1 on Mayweather, $1 gets you $3.50 on McGregor. This represents a massive and continuing movement from the initial -22.5/+9.5 prefight line. Prefight line isn't going to be robust enough to withstand large chunk bets without someone noticing. This postfight line has enough action that it could probably take repeated $1mm shoves and not move much, if at all. I can't imagine his IRS problems are going to be enough to wipe out his haul from this fight, but given the sums of money he has made and the potential penalties if he screwed the pooch on taxes, it's p
  21. My fear now is that knowing Floyd is in dire financial straits (the IRS- the most dire of them all), a dive is in the cards. It's not irrational. Fight sports can be (and always have been) dirty af like that.
  22. Trump was elected by a zombie vote that is not guaranteed to turn out again in 2020, especially if they have 4 years of Reality-Trump which isn't quite as inspiring as Trump-In-Theory was in 2016. I've said since day 1 that if there was one thing about Trump that I could get behind, it was that he called for breaking up the insurance monopolies which would bring competition to the marketplace and likely bring down costs. Not only has that not happened and fallen completely off the radar, but they're now trying to repeal Obamacare without having any replacement at all and leaving the monopo
  23. If Republicans burn down Obamacare without instantly replacing it with something better that allows everyone to get affordable health insurance, they'll lose 2018 and 2020.
  24. These crybabies sobbing about how it was some unfathomably unfair decision have no case. I've seen awful, truly baffling decisions before. Diego Sanchez vs Ross Pearson in 2014 is an example of one. This isn't even close. Was it a contest? Sure but people suggesting it must be a fix are clueless.
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