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  1. Ha.No, my friends parents just bought a bunch of land down here and feral pigs are the only thing we can kill during summer. Need something with stopping power.
  2. I guess it's appropriate that i got jimmy johnston since i live 100 yards from the cowboys facility, and also that i got someone who can never ever win since i'm me.
  3. I'm in for the last spot in the draft as usual.I need someone to swap $20 though. LMK where to ship on FT and you ship to Gov on stars
  4. I was reading your back twitter posts... didn't you have 10k on FT a month ago? Was there a backstory posted here about that?
  5. The first on is super easy. Liv seems like an awesome wife, vanessa makes most people want to remove their ears, and lacey is .. yeah... I'd want to marry the only one i'm attracted to at all (plus she seems like "one of the guys" and not in the Kathy Liebert way), and the other two is a lesser of two evils thing.
  6. If that's all the financial reform bill was, it would have had massive bi-partisan approval. You add in stuff like the volcker rule and the bill starts devolving into nonsense.
  7. This is really great. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405...3071709510.html
  8. Having read a crap ton of board of directors minutes while i was in public...7% of the common stock is almost always enough to vote in yourself at least one member of the board of directors under cumulative voting. Many things in a huge corporation have to be unanimously approved by the board. Having a puppet member of the board who can block any vote you want is an extremely powerful position and a reason you would never want to piss off someone who holds that much equity.In other news, the state of "news" in the US, including fox news, makes me sad.
  9. Any of the ones in Texas, so you too can become a closet racist.
  10. this argument doesn't work as well if you treat people as more than discrete life forms and place any emphasis on family like most of this judeo-christian principled country.edit: also, what BG said.
  11. you are trying very hard to make me flip out. think about how often that is the case versus normal people having chunks of their accumulated lifetimes of savings stripped from their families.
  12. my favorite part of this thread was the OP explaining AMT to a tax accountant.
  13. Welcome back. I assumed you meant physical discomfort. Ouch stole my joke. You're studying accounting, yes? The more stories of yours I read, the more I'm certain that you're going to want to murder yourself when you get an accounting job.
  14. The phrasing "even more uncomfortable" seems to imply a level of discomfort with normal relations. This strikes me as odd as most of you have been having relations far longer and more successfully than me. I don't really know where I'm going with this. I guess things went swimmingly with the bastion of morality from your discontinued date story?
  15. i like this guy a lot (i know, you're shocked). thanks strat.
  16. yes, i've read the whole bible several times over. i believe the whole bible is worth studying. that said, the central message of Christ, whom you may recognize as the root of the word "Christianity", is a command to love everyone. Also high on his priority list: forgiveness, grace and mercy. Regardless of what modern or historical fringe groups have done in the name of Christ (and man has done horrible things in the name of God), the central message of Christ is a peaceful one. The koran cannot say the same thing.This isn't the religion forum, so feel free to take it there if you genuine
  17. somehow i think "love your neighbor as yourself" is pretty far from "kill everyone who doesn't worship me".
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