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  1. 7 card stud is definitely a memory testor. Too many ppl thikg its all about just spiking good hands, but when it comes to thinking about the number of spades left for you to hit ur draw its crazy stuff.In terms of other card games, I recommend y'all learn a chinese game called Tractor. Two decks of cards, four players, 2 vs. 2, contracts, trumps, trynna collect points (K,10,5) and all this other crazy shit considering u can have two of the same card very often. Euchre is dope tooCrazy Eights still complexes me though. Whether to play the eight or pick up half the deck.... yeah
  2. he wants it overturned, and would want to appoint someone who also wants to overturn itNo, I will assure you that at least right now Roe v. Wade will not be an issue. He will have to unite America and not divide it. Though he will not have to go through a presidential election again, if Iraq keeps on goin like it is and if Bush doesn't apologize DIRECTLY to the black people for the slow response and try and mend their hatred towards Bush. He will lose seats in the senate and in the house. Roe v. Wade being overturned will most definitely turn many voters away from the Republicans. There is alm
  3. I think Bush will appoint a minority into the Supreme Court and very likely an African American considering how he is so far currently butchering the Katrina aftermath. But most likely it will be a Condelezza Rice type person and definitely a conservative that goes without question. Last thing Bush needs is another headache like trying to overturn Roe v. Wade (though he definitely would if he had the authority)
  4. I know she's gonna get a lot of action in this crew. If you know what I'm sayin Not too bad lookin, bit old for me.Noah Boeken is awesome, nothin but respect. One of the Classiest checks/bets in poker.El Capitano, Marcel Luske will lead this mafia into some serious businesssDefinitely +EV over Dutch Boyd's and Antonio Esfadiari's crewAnd its not a poker site crew either....Plus they are called the Outlaws.... Pacs gotta dig that
  5. Pink is the colour of choice these days for polos especially and poker shirts. Its different, it makes other players pay attention to somethin else which is always good. It wasn't just some random colourblind choice imo. It was strategically chosen just like Greg Raymer's shades.
  6. This guy makes Tupac wanna resurrect. Can u say monotone. This is so ungangsta. O well, he makes dough playin pokes so I guess he can do what I want.
  7. Tupac is not feeling the racismOn another note..... why do black people have bigger di cks than white people?White people had toys to play with when they were growing up.Okay this is totally wrong, I'm Chinese I have no business talkin about sizeofdic ks
  8. Haha I thought so....Yes Tupac is Gone Mad, But That leads to another stump questionDo You think Tupac is still alive?I believe so.... him and Biggie are on an island somewhere havin rap sesh's :shock:
  9. 1. Why are there so many chinese people in the world?2. How are baby carrots peeled if they are all different sizes?3. If there are no stupid questions, what questions do stupid people ask?
  10. It was really classy how u gave us a free autographed picture to our Poker league. It ended bein the top prize along with Howard Lederer's sig. My friend who won the main event is cherishin it rite now. Keep up being the Canadian ambassador. And btw to anybody on fullcontactpoker who wants to hear some "good rap" and not just stuff about ladies and cars. My album will be out in a month, 7 dollars. 2 dollars from each purchase will be going to a charity tbd. So yeah pm if ur interested. Help support a fellow FCP'r. peace
  11. "brother's from different mother's"Because I am using his line I have decided to send him a free copy of my album when its done and give him props if he wants to be propped. I know he's into rap, from his karokee sesh's so I hope he will enjoy the album when its done real soonCongrads on gettin married too.
  12. Nobody goes on poker forums to back someone they dunno with their first post. I don't think ppl on these things are that classy. Anyways yo, dna4eva, feelin' the pictures. That guy shittin in his sleep got me rofl. Keep it up. And yeah sitting out is cool if u got nothin to lose which is basically never.
  13. your stupid 2pac avatar and all your rapping shit should get you flamed enough so dont worry. in fact you should be banned for saying "id get flamed hella"About the fact I'm Chinese, An Underage Gambler, and my parents don't support gambling. Yeah that could get me banned for life. But I'm a rebel. 8)
  14. .I'd play Huck Seed. He seems likes he busts out of every tournament and usually with a really bad read/bluff.In the world of gangsters, cocks, and complainers. We have a skater-dude playin poker. Really underrated. Looks like a cool guy. He probably has a buncha girls to hook me up to. Yeah he's a pimp.
  15. but then again with my post count, I'd get flamed hella. Yeah watever, it doesn't matter anymore people are still going to play online poker regardless. It's all about the money. And when it comes to money, u can't stop nobody.
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