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  1. that was the best line of em allI believe this may be the single best line regarding poker ever spoken.
  2. Indeed. Set over set is like 1/167, now compound that with the odds of this occuring between exactly two players, one using the system and one, the above poster, and it really isn't a big concern. Same goes for nut flush vs. second nut flush.
  3. My post is marginally useful since it empirically examines the UV of your post.
  4. Conjecture, assumption and hyperbole does not rise to the level of usefulness. Whether there is any doubt in your mind "that the system makes more consistently, at the .5/1 and lower limits," is not a useful statement of fact. Negative Usefulness Value for this sentence. Making reads is certainly a losing proposition at the lowest limits, but it is not an impossibility at certain times. Additionally, calling people fools has -UV. Hyperbole degrades usefulness. -UV. I'm not sure what part of this statement is useful. -UV.
  5. Pupsta, your posts are the most useless posts on this forum, as far as I can tell. Congratulations.
  6. This isn't exactly a terrible beat, since you'll lose this hand around 68% of the time. It is a frustrating beat, and you did have the best of it when you went all in, but he still has a 32% shot of beating you, plus whatever percentage of the time you will lay down tptk, or pocket pairs thinking he has an overpair to the board. Not a great bet on his part, imho, but still not a horrendous beat, like someone catching a two outer with one to come.
  7. I'm pretty confident in my NL game in general, just trying it out for a few k so I can comment with experience rather than ignorance. He wants to turn NL players into robots because he believes that's all we are, or more specifically monkeys throwing poo. Don't you recognize a s hitty infomercial when you see one? Mark- you're a smart player. Realize that this reduces you to a wittless readless monkey throwing poo.Not planning on using it again, but I don't feel right commenting on something unless I've tried it.
  8. I'm pretty confident in my NL game in general, just trying it out for a few k so I can comment with experience rather than ignorance.
  9. Just won some blinds with the recommended all=in pre=flop move.
  10. Figured I'd give the system a try instead of going to sleep. Most exciting thing that has happened so far, Norton's anti-virus popped up once. Will keep you posted and let you all know if that happens again.
  11. You don't.I know it's a pretty good hand in omaha high, but didn't know about O8, thanks custom, you da man.Just answered ya. What about limping with it in late position?
  12. You notice it when it happens.When it doesn't happen, you dont think about it.True, but I still don't think I see enough hands for it to be particularly noticeable.
  13. QQ vs. 10-8 in this situation is about 77% to 23%JJ vs. 10-8 in this situation is about 75% to 25%Q10 vs 10-8 in this situation is about 75% to 25%And, 10-8 vs. 10-8 is clearly a draw, unless your 10-8 is suited to at least one on the board in which case, the odds range from 52% to 60%
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