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  1. I started playing on feltstars as a result of looshle's recommendation.
  2. Since you picked the worst possible time/night I won't be playing.
  3. ****ing people who don't know the difference between an internet and intranet.
  4. Believe it or not, they're actually stopping play for all the stupid commercials.
  5. The quads hand... Probably easier to just post the story here for you guys to read:http://www.wsop.com/news/2012/Jul/3917/WOULD-YOU-CALL-A-34-MILLION-RAISE-BY-THIS-MAN.html
  6. These 3 have all cashed in the one drop. Looks like first is worth 300 points, and even if they're knocked out next it's worth 72 pts... so if you have these guys in your pool your about to make a big jump!RastTrickettHellmuthI wasn't smart enough to have all of them. Only 1.
  7. Basically no one has a chance unless they picked Ivey!
  8. That makes too much sense. LOL. I am embarrassed that I didn't realize it.
  9. The scoring doesn't appear to be correct.All I can say is that Bluff doesn't appear to be using their own published formula.http://www.bluffmagazine.com/wsop-poy/formula.aspAccording to that formula players get points for finishing even in the bottom 50% of the field. That would be at least 5 points... and if you played 10 events that'd be a minimum of 50 points but this doesn't appear to be right looking at Bluff's top 500... all those players would have more points. There'd be a lot more players with 50+ or 100+ points simply from playing 2 events a day for the past 2 weeks.It's very confusi
  10. Governator isn't making it up. He's just pulling in the data that Bluff put up. I have no idea why Bluff's formula they posted and the results differ, but I trust the results they posted with the POY points.http://www.bluffmagazine.com/tournaments/event/2012-43rd-Annual-World-Series-of-Poker-May-28-2012-Event-%232%3A-No-Limit-Hold%27em-2077-22914.html
  11. One more interesting tweet for those of you that have JP Kelly:JP_Kelly59:47am via WebJust to let you know i'm not happy with 8th......i WILL win a big tournament soon!!!!!
  12. I guess i should go on record as being wrong. I thought all cashes (except the final table) got the same points according to the formula I read. I must have misread it! This certainly makes more sense. Thanks for sharing the list Bob!
  13. hasanhabib112:26am via WebHaven't played wsop yet. No bracelet bets = no 40 event schedule = no burnout ( 2 old for that sht ) = peace of mind. #gl2thegrindersMy reply to Hasan was:@hasanhabib1 Uh Oh. So I shouldn't have picked you for my fantasy team?His reply: still going to play 10 or so big buy in events. that should have me pretty relaxed and focused. I like my chances bud : ))
  14. Most people didn't pick Doyle because he has stated he doesn't want to play in many events. He has stated he will probably only play in 5 events this year. He prefers the cash games to the tournaments. I don't think Doyle has as much to prove as the young guys do.
  15. The Final 9 PlayersWe will get official chip counts as soon as the final table is all set up. Players are now being moved to the Pavillion Room in order to play on the feature table. We will be back after the break. Jacob Bazeley 1,960,000Brent Hanks 1,558,000Andrew Badecker 1,553,000Vanessa Selbst 1,327,000Ryan Schmidt 1,200,000JP Kelly 610,000Michael Kaufman 437,000Abdyl Konjuhi 388,000Richard Park 383,000Looks like the live stream will be at:http://www.wsop.com/...eo/default.aspxhappyfreaked 4:24pm via TweetDeckLive s
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