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  1. jesus seems to me to be the same as he's been for the last 2000 years. dead.
  2. miami loses this series and you have to break this team up, right?you have to trade wade for parts that fit, right?
  3. i can't agree with that. this fourth season really let me down. the whole drama between gus and walt seemed pointless because i damn sure knew walt wasn't going to be killed.
  4. i'm not a lawyer until i pass the bar. so no, not a lawyer yet. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME DICK.
  5. yeah well you're a content family man and all that. i got nothing else to do all day.edit: brvy, you're a strange cat.
  6. ricky needs to cool his jets. cause he came off like a complete moron, just an uneducated idiot. and i like ricky williams, i like that he wants to look at things differently. but his stance on this is beyond ridiculous.
  7. i say 'jesus ****ing christ' all the goddamn time. and i do it in front of people who hate it - simply to annoy them.
  8. ****ing broxton, what a loser dbag idiot.
  9. splitting up the seasons is just selfish. but i am interested in where they go from here. clearly jessie will discover that plant in walts back yard and whether or not walt actually poisoned the kid jessie will come to believe he did. early predictions see jessie not surviving the series.
  10. it really is. you me and stratso could have hit the town as a re-imagining of the three musketeers - but with a lot less sword fighting and intrigue and a lot more awkward anti-social behavior and asian video game videos. absolutely no women allowed.
  11. i quote that movie a lot. like all the time.
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