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  1. I don’t have much advice on how to handle the ladies. I can tell you that my theory on marriage being pointless is never well received, so don’t go down that road. And if they ask if you will still feel about them the same way in ten years don’t say “how can anyone really know for sure, I hope so.” Makes women mad. meeting some coworkers for a happy hour today cause my old assistant go married during quarantine so we haven’t seen her. Me and three ladies. Should be heaps of fun for me; but I couldn’t say no and not hurt her feelings.
  2. I know fashion. I got style, not like they say, like ugly. I am so sick of working from home. My computer of course wouldn’t connect to the system most of the day and it’s a 6 hour wait on the help desk line. Good, good stuff.
  3. Nap, whatever you do do NOT go to target today.
  4. Nap, whatever you do do NOT go to target today.
  5. If she’s moderate she won’t be what they want. They’ll wAnt a full out communist by 2024.
  6. I don’t see the data supporting that. States that have opened back up are not seeing worry some spikes. Almost half the deaths in America are in nursing homes. It is not a significant danger to the general population. It’s time to get bwck to normal.
  7. They’re cruising along because politicians made it illegal for small businesses to operate. I would never advocate for such things. What the fvck does anyone think will happen when the government gets involved? Things will get fvcked up that’s what.
  8. Should we collect all the articles from the liberal media about how Georgia and Florida were going to have blood on their hands for reopening only to see nothing happen? I mean life has to go on here folks. Stay inside forever if you want, but the rest of us are back at it in the land of the free and the home of some brave.
  9. The hospitals in America were nowhere near overrun, so a total lockdown was not necessary. Targeted measures would have been more effective, the data is clear on that. Nursing homes will account for almost 50% of deaths. I believe groupthink doesn’t prove something correct. I didn’t need to shelter at home, and neither did you. But the government couldn’t wait to blow its load and control everything. 6 deaths per million isn’t something worth destroying the worlds economy. Not to mention the countless people who will die over the next few years from the lack of preventive
  10. Right, you have no facts, you have only WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL GRANDMA
  11. There is unlimited money, the rallying cry of the socialist before the destruction of society. the shut down was a gross overreaction. That was obvious 30-45 days ago. The hospitals never got overwhelmed and most deaths are for people over 80 and in nursing homes. If you don’t see that you’re hatred for trump is being fueled by a willing to deceive media. All we had to do was extreme safety at all nursing homes and everyone else go about your business and be vigilant. But oh well, never let a good crisis go to waste.
  12. Someone come over and kick me in the nuts for being such an idiot. I’ll never get over not buying penn national gaming at 4 per share. I should be ridiculed for life on this. I put in an order to buy 10,000 worth at 3.5 instead of market and then didn’t buy in that day when it went up out of the game to 4.25. Would be up like 60k if I got 10,000 worth at market cost that morning. This is how losers stay losing.
  13. I listen to Most every Rewatchables, love Bill Simmons even if he is turning into a bit of SJW in his old, rich guilt induced days. Russilo is amazing though. My favorite Rewatchables are the town and wolf of Wall Street. Russilo is just the best. I can’t think of an opinion he’s had where I was in serious disagreement. unlike simmons who was touting corona as the new Black Death and just being completely ridiculous with his comments.
  14. I like inglorious, I just don’t love it like I love django. Jamie fox is amazing. And Leo. And Sam jackson brad Pitt isn’t great in inglorious If you were to ask me. Not like he was in once upon a time.
  15. I stopped feeling joy a long time ago Ronny. I’m in this now to survive and live forever, why I cannot say.
  16. My bowl now is double chicken, black beans and cheese. Simple but effective. Had to go to double chicken as I was getting too hungry before bed and waking up starving. just finished last kingdom. I love the shoe. They better make at least two more seasons. They have the material.
  17. You talking chipotle? I’ve had a thousand bowls. Just no rice.
  18. You talking chipotle? I’ve had a thousand bowls. Just no rice.
  19. I haven’t had a burrito either. The tortilla is just too many calories. I don’t eat bread anymore either. Or chips. No fried foods. its not great but it has to be done.
  20. Its weird because a year ago I’d have told you I could never weigh below 200. And I was 160 this morning, and there no doubt with a nutritionist and chef I could get down to 150. But I can’t afford that so it won’t happen. I’ll stick with my chicken and apples.
  21. That’s 500 citations for you, and ten million for Fennesey. But at least he was right about crimson tide, unlike that degenerate brvy
  22. And the hypocrisy isn’t about Biden or the claim against him. I don’t believe it same as the ones against Kavanaugh. The only difference is I’m not changing my criteria for evaluating whether or not the person is con or lib. But you know that, you just don’t want to admit you wanted kavanaugh to be guilty so you believe bullshit.
  23. Haha, did you just seriously claim Kavanugh had a credible allegation against him and Biden doesn’t? I know we all have our biases, but come on Bob, that’s just sad.
  24. 1000-2500. In all seriousness, I can’t see myself going more than that.
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