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  1. looks like there is a race for the 9th spot....
  2. if your gonna raise the flop, which is probably not the best move, i think you should be following through on the turn and hope at worst for a cheap showdown, if he raises you its an easy fold.
  3. 1 for 1 in a $10 rebuy.The event played soft and plan to keep trying to build up my W$ account to play in as many events as I can.180 players....27 places paid, not bad.
  4. no they just have to close the spread, it should reopen if it hasn't already.....expect it to open up lot higher....
  5. anybody an affiliate looking for a player?
  6. PM me with details.....I'm looking to do this asap....thanks
  7. Your trying to build a mult-way pot with QQ. I should have stopped reading there.Bet ATLEAST the pot if not over bet it and make the player define his hand. The only player playing with you has a piece of that draw or any A or K in there hand which beats your QQ.Sick reference by the way..."88" , sick! I'm supposed to help with directions after you take a wrong turn on every street and find yourself in a back alley with a guy with his hand in a paper bag and tell you if he really has a gun pointed at you? This "tough" call is a symptom of your previous mistakes.FOLD.
  8. would anyone be interested in the winning hand history?
  9. how do we get the hand history from the tournament through stars?can we email support?
  10. Anybody know anything about it? The Chips stacks, blind levels, I searched a couple of sites but haven't been able to come up with anything.Anything you have would be great.
  11. fairenough, from other posts i like the way you have alternate lines to every play...i appreciate that here.GL....
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