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  1. Sorry to be bringing up waaaaay ol isht but what ever happened with the whole Men the Master thing?It was said publicly then nothing ever came of it? I think that tournament pack playing/cheating is alive and well, anyone have any thoughts they would care to share?I also think that the real scum bag cheats are sticking it to the real shit hole LV hotels with the "new" old poker rooms at the low lilmits to uck the tourists because they are not good enough to beat them the honest way (this means they have to be horrible players because at those low limits taking out tourists is like shooting fi
  2. It was based on chip postion and the fact that the final table was like 13 hours long.Mike got 800,000Phil and Hoyt each got 400,000happy new years
  3. Looks like we are playing hold'em, i would rather play 8 or better, is it in the private section?
  4. I hope it uses a different algorythm or RNG than PokerRoom, because I am skeptical!!!Oh yeah use Java all the way!!
  5. Prior to 9-11 a canadian citizen could come and stay in the country for six months at a time, provided he does not work. Being here is fine taking a job from an american (or illeagal mexican, lol, they took our joooobs!!, damn goo-backs) is where is starts to get problematic. Now that fuher Bush has his way, he will shut down the borders starting April to Canadians and require passports even for day trips. What the eff!!! I grew up on a border town and took many trips over the river weekly for shopping, eating, nightlife not to mention gambling. This is crazy, only two more years than
  6. Everyone needs to watch the TOC on Xmas eve, I was there, if the show they put on TV is half as good as what I saw go down live, WOW!!!I hear it is going to be three hours, it should be some good shit.Hoyt, Phil and Mike are all amazing players, all playing their A game, with no holds barred verbal sparring between Phil and Mike.Cant wait to see the hole cards.ps. Wait till you see Danneman freak out on Phil!!!! For the record Phil is being a complete ass as usual, but steve is the only one to be effected by his shenanigans, wait till ya see it!!
  7. I Love the use both hole cards stipulation!!What if you could get three and discard after the flop ala Crazy Pineaapple?
  8. you are an idiot is the correct syntaxand thank you for the input.Once again I dont think many of you are getting it, postion and betting is what would determine winners not just the cards. I think its a great game and would love to see it spread.
  9. Does anyone ever play this?It is a great game, played just like regular hold'em except hand ranking is exactly like deuce to seven, (aces are high, straights and flushes count against) Played No-Limit style, combines all the fun of hold'em with all the aggrivation of Kansas City, we could call it Kansas City Hold'EmI bet DN loves this idea.What do the rest of ya think?Can we get a site and/or casino to spread this?
  10. Ivey for sure!!!But how could you sleep on people like (no particular order)Mike MatusowJen Harmanthe BrunsonsJuandaSeidelThe fact is that tournament poker is a crap shot these days, the best player on the world can get taken out by a lucky donkey with a 2 outer just as easily as the rest of us. That being said, navigating the sea of competitors in a tournament is a skill in and of itself, where is the poll for best ALL-AROUND player?Best cashgames, best toruney, mixed games, most successful money manager?
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