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  1. Everybody wants to bet, Daniel will win, no Dreamclown will win. Dosnt everyone see a pattern with this forum. Daniel is gonna play Barry Greenstien heads up in 9 matchs, Not even Half played. Daniels gonna play Never win, Never happend. Now hes gonna play Dream clown. Who wants to bet this match isnt played for over 2 hrs. They might get a few hands in here and there but they will never truley play long enought to find out whos better. After you flame me get back to your quater fifty game!
  2. Royal im sorry iv been smoken crack all day and im beat. You are a nice guy. And the people on here are really fun to talk with. I see you around
  3. Royal i dont really seee you bash newbies maybe i just miss it but i hope your right nut works well cuse you would lose that bet.
  4. Norton you got a lot of posts how much of your life do you spend in this forum im gonna guess 15% and im sure im close
  5. You know what i hate. People like you who make a post about the what i dont like. Shut your hole stop complaining about stupid shit. I wanna say say hey daniel i can i can say whatever i want. this is the internet, you dont like it Controle alt delete MF. So some chicks hit the forum and they want some attention so what. If i guy from FCP gets a little from it it work. tired of a bunch of idiots that have thousands of posts and free time out the wazoo talken shit about newbies. You got more post cuse you anit got a life. Now get back to the Quarter fifty game
  6. Everyone here is quick to flame me and hate on me. Everybody is so wraped up in Daniel and FCP that they cant see the truth. DN IS MY FAVORITE CARD PLAYER. He has ability that is out of this world. The fact that he gives us a look at his life thur this web site show you that he is not only a great card player but also how good of a person he is. Now everyone brings somthing a little diffrent to this forum. And a lot of poeple that are on this sight posting there 25th message of the day that shouldnt even be telling kids how to play poker on stacked let alone real money players. Most of the p
  7. I didnt say that he wasnt good. I just said that maybe he cant hang on a regular basis with the big game boys. By the way im posting from work and we just got new servers and shit diffrent provider so your I.P. searches are useless.Lok danny boy is real good. maybe one of the best tourney players of our generation. But the guy isnt a big game hunter yet. He is the hunted. That might change. Might not. I think everybody would be a little better off if they just faced the truth. The dude is a fish in that game now. he will will a few nights but overall he will loose. he has plenty of cash to
  8. Hello, I had to open a new account on FCP in order to post this. I have over 2000 posts here and i dont want to soil my rep. And I like daniel a lot, love FCP and all the members here. And I have the upmost respect for daniel and what he has done for my game and the rest of poker. Now he has won a ton of money and he is very competitive person so that what leads him to the biggest games. But I have to think that the other players like Reese, Brunson 1 and 2, Barry and the rest of the gang start licken there lips when he sits down. Now I know he is world class, but is he top 10 currently.
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