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  1. When you slow to clear, what does that really mean. Is it not realistic that im going to be able to clear it playing such low limits. I was figuring I would hold off on some of these sites with great sign up bonuses until Im comfortable online. Then get on them so I can multi table and "clear" the bonus easier.I have made most of my money playing live small tournys. From $15 - $70 buy ins. 10 - 30 poeple. Definetly a winning player over the last 2 years. I also play in 1-2 nl games. These are usually a crap shoot. But I do well.I just started playing alot of the other games and enjoy them. Tha
  2. Thanks alot!! What sites do you guys suggest starting out at? I am going to just start out playing single windows. Im guessing it will take a little while to get used to not being able to watch the actions and reactions of the people I am playing. I dont want to get on then blow my roll instantly trying to play 3-4 games at a rip. With a $700 br, is there a site you would suggest i start at that i cn clear the bonus? What limits?Thanks for the help so far!
  3. I guess I also need help spelling online......oops.
  4. I was hoping you guys could give me a hand. I want to start playing online, but want to do it right. I have around $1800 from playing live. I thought I would put about $700 online and go from there. Here are my questions.Whats the safest way to put money on sites? Is it hard to get $ on and off these sites?Should I get a separate checking account or credit card or something like that?Whats the best sites to play at? How do you get the sign on bonuses that I see?I see people say its hard to clear bonuses, whats that mean?What is and how do you do the rakeback stuff?What else do I need to know a
  5. Yup. Its gone overnight. Guess I should have posted in online. Poop.
  6. This is what im trying to get at. If we had a good thread on this we could try and help fellow FCPers to not kick themselves on the butt about these things, because it would be spelled out for them.Should I have posted this in the online poker forum?
  7. sorry :icon_doh:I guess what Im really looking for is someone to do a smart/profitable step by step to starting online poker. It honestly could proabably be a good stickied thread. There are alot of people I know who come on here and read the forums and see all of these things talked about, but just dont really get it because its so foreign to us. These things are all second nature to most of you guys though.
  8. Haha. Well I tell everyone its my wife. Really my buddy found it somewhere and it just so happens to look alot like my wife. I put it in my avatar to make me realize when Im on here reading forums too long, that I should get off and "take care of business"!
  9. What does "play them through" mean though. Sorry to sound so dumb about all of this guys, but its totally foreign to me.
  10. Thanks. How do rakebacks and bonuses work though? Do you have to play certain games/limits or amount of hands or anything? Do you guys just use a credt card or get a seperate checking account or something for neteller?
  11. Ok guys I need some help with figuring out the online poker thing. Ive been playing live for a couple of years at mostly home tournies and bar rooms. I started to keep the money I was winning seperate lately and had it up to over a couple grand. Had a slip up one night (playing sick, learned lesson) and right now Im at $1800. I played online the other day for the first time on poker stars under a friends sign on doing a $5.50 10 man tourny and really enjoyed it. I want to start to play online but want to do it right. So I have a few questions. Whats the safest way to put money on sites? Whats
  12. Did you read that article (or at least the last few paragraphs) yet?It makes it seem like that. Could just be an opinion though.
  13. Depends if you are bringing someone in to exercise me too!
  14. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_news/article/7792The first part of the article is mostly about a specific event that is going on. The last few paragraphs though make me wonder about FCP, Full Tilt, or Doyles room.
  15. Dont be so angry. Just because the OPs avatar pic of his girlfriend is cuter than your avatar pic of yours....
  16. So.....do you have to put the sweater on before you do your hair? Your grandmother would get pissed if you got a pull in the sweater that she made you for your 5th birthday party!!
  17. Damn it!! I got a phone call when I was typing and you beat me to the burn!!!
  18. If thats your GF in your avatar, you should give her back her matching sweater. Winters almost here, she going to be cold.
  19. Everytime I see your avatar I think shes working at McDonalds or something!!
  20. Depends.....are you imagining her on top of you, or.........Imagining that your watching your mom behind her with a strap-on?Once I know that.....I`ll be able to answer you. Sleep tight.
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