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  1. At least when you troll, you tend to be right...
  2. We were just making observations...Besides, you're the one who keeps calling out OPs for stupid reasons on separate occasions. If you can't handle taking some criticism for the content of your posts, perhaps you should reconsider constantly dishing it out.
  3. LOL yeah: 3 threads.I hadn't opened the O8 FT thread until just now.
  4. LOL I was about to post the same thing.Not only is he being an ass, but is nitpicking the wrong things. The old spice thread was genuinely funny as one could see by the responses. As for this thread, people often use "FT", "FTP", and "Tilt" interchangeably when referring to Full Tilt Poker. Everyone with half a brain can make the connection between these three terms with little difficulty. There have been times where final table rail threads had some ambiguous use of the term "FT", but in this thread the context and the use is clear.
  5. Yeah, ignore the one hater ITTThis idea is awesome!
  6. Simple: Rose used a time machine to go back in time and make that post. Since she knew that he made the FT in the previous timeline, there was no doubt that he would again.
  7. Meh, he should play whichever one suits his comfort zone best.
  8. If that is the case, then he's inside you right now. Do you feel violated?
  9. Like Shark said, I recommend starting at $10 NL with that roll, especially if this is your first time trying to two-table.
  10. I'm pretty sure Shy means to 3-bet shove the flop after getting raised, not to open-shove the flop.
  11. Yeah, I assumed spam when I saw the thread title. Once I saw your other posts, I figured that it was very unlikely that you were a shill for the site, so I added the edit to my first post.
  12. Your postcount surprises me. Before opening the thread, I would have bet money that the OP of the thread would have less than 5 posts with 1 or 2 posts being most likely.EDIT: I have no experience with this website.
  13. Yeah, that's the default appearance (and still is after purchase). There is a *ton* of flexibility for customization, however. I'm at work so I can't post a screen shot of mine, but I have an elaborate setup for my HU tables and a very sparse and concise setup for my FR tables. You can pretty much have whatever stat you want displayed and are free to move them wherever you want on your table. It's not that hard to do (once you get the hang of it) but can take a little time investment. The HEM forums (and other poker forums too -- probably 2+2 for example) has a lot of pre-made HUD setups
  14. The Holdem Manager fee is a one-time purchase (and IMO definitely worth it).I never ended up purchasing Camtasia Studio (I don't use it often enough to justify purchasing it after the trial period expired). The next time I do some video recording, I will probably give Camstudio a try and see if it will suit my needs.
  15. On top of that: while the bear enters the right side of the screen, the white team is busy passing the ball on the left side of the screen. As the bear starts his moonwalking routine on the left side of the screen, all the white team passes are on the right side of the screen.
  16. The bear was the *only* change I noticed the first time through. The second I noticed it I went, "aha!" and stopped focusing on everything else, just watching the rest of the video unfold.
  17. LOL yeah, there actually was a bear in the second video too.
  18. LOL That was worth watching.
  19. Camtasia Studio is a great screen recording program. It is an expensive program, but has a free 30(?) day trial which you can use.There is a freeware version: Camstudio. I have not tried it, but I hear it is not quite as good as Camtasia, but hey, it's free.
  20. I can log in. The action is great: I'm sitting at 6 tables, each of which has 8 mega fish who are giving me their bankrolls. I'm running at ~97 BB/100 for the past 3 hours.Or maybe not. :(Can't log in either.
  21. Apparently the structure in that tournament is pretty bad. The hand itself seemed standard to me.
  22. I haven't decided whether I should be tilted or amused by reading this thread.
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