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  1. Don't know a lot about him, but I found what he did to Lisandro in the '06 main event was pretty inexcusable. He was lucky not to get his clock cleaned that night.
  2. You've got it all backwards. With more players and thus, more cards in the muck, there are much fewer cards in the dealer's hand still to be dealt. With so many fewer cards, surely you have a better chance of one of them being your flush card. Thus, you have a better chance of hitting your hand with more players, right?sw
  3. Sounds like Matusow's going to be the next guest.
  4. It's not so much his lack of poker knowledge that's bothersome, but rather he just seems unpolished as an announcer/commentator. I think the color guy can get away with less professionalism from an announcing standpoint, but the "play by play" guy's got to know what he's doing.
  5. Everybody's entitled to mistakes, but good grief Ali needs to exhibit a little higher level of professionalism in both his commentary and in interviewing guests. I know few agree, but I actually enjoy Gordon's commentary.
  6. Any need for Ali to interrupt Ferguson with the breaking news of the text poll results?
  7. WPT blog said Tran went into the tank before mucking. Any chance he folded AK here?
  8. According to WPT website, the show will air on 7/25.
  9. How'd all the prop bets come out?
  10. This is just a silly way to decide a championship. This is akin to the top 6 players in a golf tournament having a putting contest from 30 feet to see who wins.
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