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  1. I for one am hoping this works out, I am so sick of content in this thread. Lets get back to talking about Mark's nipples.
  2. I like your attitude. I tried to clean them up a little bit, but shaved them down too far so you don't really get the full effect anymore. But picture Hugh Jackman as wolverine and your close. done.
  3. OK serious question.I had kinda grown out a beard over the last month or so. Last night I got bored and started to shave it off, however just for the fun of it I left some fat ass 'chops. Kristen obv LOL'd, but hated them. She is basically under the opinion that all 'chops are just innately awful, which means it is probably nothing personal. So my question do 'chops have to be awful? Can I bring the sexy back?
  4. yeah seriously, if rdog could just cool his ego he wouldn't keep finding himself in these insanely +EV spots.
  5. gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo Fluff gl and tid :D :club:
  6. Sounds like the standard opponent that usually runs up 5+ buyins on me.
  7. LOL. I'd so go busto if I was ever feature member.
  8. It is not that interesting because the order the hands came out. What is interesting is how I'm not up like $2k right now. Also, I'm running OVER EV. Just a LOL day.
  9. I don't think you guys understand here. Don't click on any of these if you aren't ready to LOL.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3873894 - he was tilting a bit.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3873998 - value town.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3873910 - sigh.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3873979 - you totally got there, sir.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3873977 - I guess you did have a draw to the nuts.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3874119 - I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be behind here.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3874142 - he snap called.http://www.pokerhand.org/?3874169 - but he didn't really wanna hold onto the money.
  10. I have played some unbelievable bad players today and some how I am stuck money.
  11. gl jordan. Surprises me that he got so tilty in the match cause he usually plays bigger and was already up so much. hope tonight goes well for you. However, I probably would spent my money on 3-5 hours with CTS.
  12. meh, wouldn't wanna use up all his run good before the ME anyways. gg Fluff.
  13. I have a graph, but it is not quite accurate cause I missed some of the early action. It's not particularly pretty. Jordan will post it if he wants.
  14. hope for at least a top 1 finish.
  15. What an ass. At least give a heads up or something he was leaving.
  16. Jordan is running way under EV. My guess is he'll turn things around right....... now.
  17. hehe, stupid converter wasn't working and I had to try like 30 different formats. Just busted him in another LOL hand. When he shoved the river I was like, "super sigh... he has the straight flush".Full Tilt Poker, $1/2 Hold'em Cash Games, 2 Players Hand Converter by Pokerhand.orgBoard:cwik1 (Button): $302.90grnogp (BB): $284.40 Dealt to cwik1 2 A Pre-flop:cwik1 raises to $6, grnogp calls $4Flop: ($13) 9 5 6 (2 Players)grnogp bets $10, cwik1 calls $10Turn: ($33) T (2 Players)grnogp bets $25, cwik1 calls $25River: ($83) 4 (2 Players)grnogp bets $40, cwik1 raises to $120, grnogp rais
  18. LOL.. sighFull Tilt Poker, $1/2 Hold'em Cash Games, 2 Players Hand Converter by Pokerhand.orgBoard:cwik1 (Button): $396.50grnogp (BB): $195.40 Dealt to cwik1 5 Q Pre-flop:cwik1 raises to $6, grnogp raises to $10, cwik1 calls $4Flop: ($23) 7 J 9 (2 Players)grnogp bets $5, cwik1 raises to $15, grnogp raises to $50, cwik1 raises to $386.50 and is all-in, grnogp calls $135.40 and is all-in, cwik1 returns $201.10Turn: ($393.80) 5 (2 Players)River: ($393.80) 6 (2 Players)Results:cwik1 Showed 5:spade: Q:spade: grnogp Showed K 7 grnogp wins $390.30
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