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  1. oh yes, i would not have done the PPP. but, of course, i wouldnt have shut down the economy. i mentioned the checks because i spent last week begging my younger brother to move the 600 bucks into savings or invest it. he bought a new cell phone instead. good for the economy i guess, but he already had an iphone, so you know, kids. the amazing thing to me is people want the government to do SOMETHING, so they advocate for arbitrary shut downs. i would argue those shut downs are the opposite of doing something, they are the cowards way out. why not take the stimulus money and hire people to
  2. i would say that makeshift MASH units should have been erected in every major city to handle any overflow from hospitals. you put protocols into place for the level of patient assigned to those places and the federal funds allocated each state are then used to procure medical staff and equipment as necessary. they sent an entire medical ship up to new york in April and it remained empty, for the most part. but there are locations in every city that could have been used to house the sick. they did it in 1918 we could have done it now. we very obviously should have approached this like we
  3. that's the thing, no serious person is calling it a hoax. but that doesn't mean draconian lockdowns for all healthy people and children are rational responses. hope your dad gets better soon.
  4. odd timing indeed... https://twitter.com/NYGovCuomo/status/1348673192609591296?s=20
  5. the kung flu can't keep me down. i probably had it already and didnt even know. i'm just doing what i've always done, survive. got a nice promotion at work to Senior Vice President. no word on money increase yet so i'm not jerking off every night to the thought. but its something. gained 3 pounds in december, up to 166. i was just living high on the sugary hog. so we got to redouble our efforts in 2021 and get down below 160 for swimsuit season. your boy here wants to be lean, like jesus on the cross.
  6. i've grown lazy in my old age so i'm just in it for me. we can boogie nights it in my car with you as my personal coked out dirk diggler. but i want constant eye contact while you stroke it.
  7. my two inches never makes things wet, so i can't relate.
  8. i'm strongly opposed to ending the filibuster and packing the supreme court. I think it was serious oversight by the framers to not put both the filibuster and the supreme court maximum number in the constitution. in my dream scenario a constitutional amendment for both would be passed, but obviously that ain't ever gonna happen. this video of Scalia talking about our government is really interesting to me. the problem is, of course, that the supreme court was never meant to be this powerful. i especially liked his dissent in Obergefell to that point: "So it i
  9. with the polls saying what they're saying and a democrat sweep being priced in, what are our thoughts on ending the filibuster to pack the supreme court, add two states, pass the green new deal, etc?
  10. trump is who he is, more concerned with ego and nonsense than getting the job done correctly. i have little doubt he doesnt want to be president, but his ego wouldnt let him walk away.
  11. me, three minutes into the debate last night:
  12. i agree, it's way to on the nose. as for the ads being proof, the article was released on the 3rd. this ad was published on the 4th. so either they worked in record time or they knew it was coming. i mean they have parents quoting the "losers." i would guess they knew it was coming. seems incredibly likely to me the atlantic reporter has back channels to the biden people.
  13. smart move, switch back to covid. people are still scared of that.
  14. this is the standard response of someone operating entirely on his feelings. you know the story is weak and has been refuted, but you don't like trump so you don't care. it's exactly the conversations i had with people during the kavanaugh hearings. people against him had no facts, only irrational hatred for trump, so they willingly ignored the obvious media fraud in front of them.
  15. but brvy, he yelled and cursed and insulted me so he must have a point and be on the right side of history! i mean this story certainly isn't politics 101 i mean it's only 20 or so people on the record saying they don't believe it, or were there and did not hear it. plus the central claim that the weather DID NOT prevent travel has been shown to be false. but i'm the one who doesn't look to the evidence, doesn't investigate things further. but i mean anonymous sources say otherwise, so nothing else matters. “You can put me on record denying
  16. i would never tell someone that they shouldnt stay in if that's what they want. protect yourself and your family how you see fit. my main issue is with the government shutting down certain places - small business, public parks, the beach in states lucky enough to have beaches - but allowing walmart to be open. i remember my brother sent me this 'meme' back in may or so about the beach and walmart, really made me laugh at how crazy we were acting.
  17. not to risk hank's wrath, but i think the following tweets explain my feelings on this trump story:
  18. it's one of those things where i get how personal it can be and i do understand why people are scared. but i also mostly blame the media for that, same as i do this made up trump story. take a look at the headline for this article https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/19/health/teen-death-coronavirus-wellness-partner/index.html then read the article and get pretty far into it before they tell you that this 'healthy' teenager had undiagnosed diabetes and his blood sugar was TEN times the normal level when he got to the hospital with COVID. think of all the parents who saw that headline a
  19. evidence like people going on record and saying i was there and he didnt say that. that kind of evidence? cause i saw that. i also saw anonymous sources with conflicting reports. i didnt want to bring it up but i have a source who tells me that hank loves to kick puppies in the head for no reason. the source wont go on record becuase they dont want anyone to tweet at them! he most defintely insulted john mccain. probably all the time. but do i believe he blanket said in a room full of people "i'm not going to a cemetery, veterans are losers. scukers for dying in war." no fvckin way he sa
  20. like i said, we won't know the long term effects until we reach the long term. but we do know what will happen if we artificially shut down society. you joke, but the stone cold truth is that the growth of the world's economy has raised the quality of life for more people than any other force through technological advances. to hurt the world's economy won't really have much effect on me, but there are children all over the world who will suffer. you don't actually believe that story do you? trump is a joke and says a lot of stupid things, but that story comes ou
  21. I think what frustrates me most these days is that it's obvious that people will get sick, some worse than others. but we're talking about a highly contagious virus that has spread across the globe and infected people everywhere no matter the precautions taken. and after nearly 6 months of this we have mountains of data as to who is getting sick, who is going to the hospital and who is dying. If your nephew is actually healthy, not overweight, no diabetes, no genetic conditions, then he will almost assuredly be fine. but there is, of course, the off chance he will die from this for no a
  22. not 2.6 deaths of old fat people per million. our species can't survive such devastation! the fact is america is full of fat old people, and this thing is hitting them hard because of that. college kids are fine. younger kids are fine. anyone under age 50 that is in good shape is fine. we've gotten so fat and weak we've forgotten how good we have it in this country. one quick google serach tells me france just had a new daily record for positive cases and hospitalizations are up - so are they about to see a rise in death? maybe, or maybe populations are not homogenous. someone
  23. i dont mind at all the plastic divider. shit please leave those up forever, as i hate when some fat fvck is spilling into my space or some idiot can't square up to the cup holder. its the mask that bothers me but i deal with it to play poker.
  24. i use the router from ATT. with all this free time i should look into doing my own set up. if it happens again i certainly will.
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