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  1. Hey, great post on health care. I certainly agree. If you haven't seen "Sicko" the health care movie, I highly recommend you get it soon wherever you can. there's a great excerpt on the web:I can't figure out how to post link here, so I'll just paste it in.:http://www.unitedwesalad.com/sicko.html
  2. yeah, phil is kind of a punk. but what about old azzface danneman. i mean, and i'm serious here, don't you think you're looking at an azz when you see his face? he looks like he's got an azz right in the middle of his chin. i can't believe he doesn't use some of his 4 million to get rid of his azzface.
  3. dhey, thanks for the replies.and yeah, i guess most would appreciate the 200,000 first prize, especially as a freeroll, and certainly the bragging rights and the chance to play only against the best. i just remembered daniel complaining about some pro player happening similar to this, i think at bellagio, where he read a book through the whole thing because you could only win a few hundred thousand dollars or something.
  4. I'm really curious about the PPT. Mainly, why does everyone participate in it? Is it mainly for the free advertising for websites and what not, or do you really want to say you outplayed all the other really great poker players?It just seems strange, since first place is probably barely a day's work for most people in it. So, I just can't figure out why everyone would do it for such piddly money. AND, is it a freeroll, or are you people paying to get in?
  5. As usual, i must say: I'm not here to swing from DN's nuts, like everyone else. I come around to talk poker, give my viewpoint, since it is a "poker forum". I don't come here to say "good job DN, rooting for ya", in hopes he reads my post and responds to it. You'll notice a previous post of mine when I said "stop telling the world how you're playing everyday. just take advantage of the stupidity around you, don't 'announce' it." and in his very next blog he took my advice and said: "i'm not going to announce my style each day. people might see the blog. "but back to poker: I was merely point
  6. the problem with DN's style, is that it's also easily exploitable. he had 300K yesterday, and he couldn't just relax and wait for good hands, the right moments, etc. he had to keep pushing and pushing, so instead of finishing the day where he started, which would still be pretty good, he's way down and having to climb out. i'm rooting for him, hope it works out. but if he plays his normal style again today, HE WILL be gone in 1/2 an hour.
  7. unfortunately DN is being taken to school. in less than an hour he's lost half of his stack...
  8. so where is DN now. has he been knocked out, cuz i don't see his name anywhere, or is he on a featured table, what happened to the thread???and that "mel gibson, is that you" comment. very funny.
  9. DANIELi saw your video about Day 1. don't give yourself up so easily. take advantage of bad playing donkey idiots, like i do online everyday. but to openly scream "my table plays so bad", surely someone has been on the phone home saying "DN" is at MY TABLE! and they might hear this stuff. again, TAKE ADVANTAGE, don't let the cat out of the bag...
  10. where's this info coming from? is daniel still giving a play by play, or what?
  11. what happened to Card Player's live tournament coverage. their new site Fn sucks!
  12. Oh so you meant its all about aggression, especially when you are playing shorthanded and HU. I think everyone in the forum knows that, but to quote Doyle out of Supersystem saying that he usually has the worsdt hand doesn't even come close to applying to this situation. He's talkin about making huge bets and trying to scare people off their hands but having outs when he's called.You only have 1 bet in limit and you arent getting some off of top pair most of the time. If someones that hyper aggressive in limit you just call them down with any pair and slow them down. It's harder to do that in
  13. The issue is about catching cards, and getting people to fold A-J when the flop comes 4-6-9 and you have A-3. The game is A GAME, and like I said, DC makes so much money because he scares average players out of pots, because a majority of the time they will have flopped nothing, and so will he!It has nothing to do with limits vs. no-limit. It has to do with scaring people off their hands.
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