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  1. Could somebody help me with how I should write a proposal letter to my localcard room to start spreading a stud/8 game (or any other game for that matter).Here are some details that might be helpful:We are not concerned with any bad beat jackpots, as most of the players with bethe same regulars and just wish to play the game.The card room only spreads Hold 'em, but two days out of the week, they have$4/$8 Omaha/8 w/ half kill. One day is right after a mixed game tournament andthe other is a Friday. Only the same people play the Omaha game, as I am one ofthem.So, I would be only hoping for them
  2. I extended the date range of that guy and redid the search and it showed two more final tables, but still that guy has way too much time on his hands. Also, I thought that pokerdb doesn't show the games where you don't cash. I thought maybe they changed it now and I did a seach on myself and it doesn't list those, so why did it come up for this guy?
  3. I'm sitting in seat 5. I think the big black dude in seat 6 is getting a little to comfy with me.
  4. So, I was playing on the Omaha/8 tournament that start at 10:40 PST this morning on Party. I played through two breaks and my friend was waiting for me to go to lunch. She didn't know I was playing. I kept thinking I was gonna bust out and lose soon, but I manage to keep picking up small pots and staying a live. After we reached the top 30 (top 40 get paid) and I just went through my blinds and it was already 1:30 and my friend was wondering how come I was taking so long. So I sat out on the button, thinking, "Oh well. I'm in the money anyways and if I sit out maybe I might move up a couple of
  5. I'm a little confused as to why you underlined the housing shortage strategy as deemed it as luck. I remember one time, this guy deliberately sold some of his hotels back down to take up the remaining houses and to prevent others from upgrading. If I remember correctly, I think I read about that one in another tournament.Okay, I agree there is a heavy luck factor because of the dice rolling, but just by knowing that you are most likely to roll a 6-8 with two dice, already gives you a slight edge. Meaning, you would know if you should buy a houses in a particular color set, if the opponent gets
  6. Ys, this strategy was actually used in an Official Tournament in the past. Well, it wasn't so much as a strategy as the guy who ending up winning knew what happened. His opponent drew the card left that they both knew were next since they already figured out the order of the cards. His opponent picked up the card to read and confirm it. The winner had a big smile on his face as he knew he just won since that card made his opponent land on his property and go broke.As you can tell, I use to big a big Monopoly fan. I never got to participate in an Official Tournament, though. They were always o
  7. Okay, the card example I gave you wasn't the best of one. So, here's another example. You've seen 15 Chance Cards and no one has drawn the Advance to Boardwalk, you own the Dark Blue property. Now would be a good time to invest in some housing there. The same reasoning can be ame for the Dark Purple for the St. Charles or Red for Illinois Ave. Or if you haven't seen the housing repair Card yet, don't buy too many more houses until it gets drawn.As far as high frequency sets, it is mostly the Orange and Red if I remember correctly. Also, if you manage do get most of the RailRoads, it is a good
  8. Actually, Monopoly is not all luck. Yes, there is a heavy luck factor because of the dice rolling, but just do some research on Monopoly strategy. You will see that if you mange to own property with high landing frequency (either acquired through self-purchase or trade) you will be better off. So, having that knowledge helps. Also, there are strategies that are tactical, such as deliberately causing housing shortages, to prevent someone else improving their property. Since there are only 32 houses and 12 hotels, if there aren't enough houses for you to get to the hotel stage, you cannot build
  9. If you're talking about the Protege final table qualifier..., same name, different guy.
  10. Whatever happened to Spademan? Didn't he use to clobber everyone at this event?
  11. He just says we will find out when it's on TV.
  12. I'm a guy, too, but I guess he isn't bad looking. After all, he used to be a model or still is, I'm not sure.
  13. Well, I think it came from the idea of Brokeback Mountain being a film about cowboys and that's what you call Kings in poker.I got it from RGP and Wikipedia. Here's the Wikipedia list of slang names for poker hands - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_slang...for_poker_hands
  14. From WPT webpage:"That's a big bluff"Thursday, April 6, 2006 02:27 PMDaniel Negreanu bets 10500 on the preflop; Player calls from the Big Blind.The flop 4JKBoth players check.The turn QNegreanu bets 1500; Player calls.The river 9Player bets 3k; Negreanu goes deep in the tank and mumbles "that's a big bluff". Negreanu calls.Player shows 5-10 and lands his straight on the river.Negreanu mucks and "says" he had the A-K, but never shows.
  15. Okay, I'm trying for the Ongame Network Poker Classic, starting at the $1 level.So far, I have played 4 games and have spent $3 + .30, 3 $1 quailifiers and won the 3rd one and went on to play the next stage.---skip this part if you want---I got heads-up and then almost even chip stack. Lead bounced back and forth several times.Then when I had 6500 and my opponent had 8500, I had pocket Q's and just called on the button. he went all-in. I insta-called. He had pocket 4's.Flop: A 5 7Turn: 6River: 3!He made a straight on me. ----back to main message------So, I got 2nd and for it I get ticket to pl
  16. Does anyone know if DN mentioned if he would be playing on it this evening?
  17. May 30th! Oh, cool. That's one day right before my birthday. Guess I know what I'm getting for myself for then.
  18. Here we go. I found the answers we were discussing here. Pasted from Daniel's blog (11-05-05):"The final tally was a $347,400 win. Add that to the $50,000 I won playing props over three days, and the whole show cost me $264 100. While that's a lot of money, it felt like a win since I was losing about $750,000 at one point.The players were also paid an hourly rate to be part of the show that ended up being about $1250 per hour. So with that bonus, I ended up losing less than a quarter million. Not great, but not all that horrible either."Also, FoxwoodsPro, torrent files aren't the files you pla
  19. Daniel himself said they got paid to be on the show. I forgot the exact amount, but it was somewhere around $1000-1200/hr.
  20. Do you guys even pay attention? I actually lose money when I host these things.
  21. Also, I want you to know, I do not make dime off of this. In fact, I've paid for most of the equipment myself , such as the chips and button, or borrowed them from friends to use such as the table tops. I even had people donate decks of cards to use because the ones we were using were starting to become really worn. I actually end up paying to host these things. I just do it cause I like to play.
  22. Check the About Us page before you make judgement.All money goes back to the players.Here I'll make it easy for you guys - http://patrick911.tripod.com/baptfaq.htmActually, wait let me make it even easier.Pasted from the website itself:"Q: What is it?A: It is basically a toned down version of the WPT. With a lower buy-in and closer to home.Q: Well, what else is there? Are there any extra perks?A: There will be more variety in games. Not just No Limit Texas Hold 'em. In fact some events will even be mixed games.Q: Who is eligible to join/play?A: Anyone who is 21 years of age or older. (Age limi
  23. Date: March 25Location - Pacifica, CATime - 6:00pmBuy-in : $20 + $5Pay out: 1-2 tables=top 3 at 50%, 30%, 20%, 3 tables 45%, 25, 20%, 10%Max of 24 entrantsAlso, I'm using the evite system to automate my registration process. Use the link on my website to register. My website - http://patrick911.tripod.com/bapt.htmEvite registration page - http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/patho@pacbell.net/bapt4--Patrick
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