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  1. I swear to you I did not make it up. No. It was at Garden City Casino. It was on the Saturday right before Memorial Day.
  2. Okay, so this is the funniest thing I ever heard a dealer say at a poker table. First, let me set it up.The place where I was playing has a remote control panel where the dealers push a button to signal different requests, such as open seating notification or calling for service (meaning cocktail waitress, for those that don't know). A dealer change had just happened and our new dealer is a Vietnamese woman of about 40 or so and one of the players had asked for service once she got settled in. So, she presses the button for service. Now nearly 25-30 minutes had gone by and the guy says, "Could
  3. So, you're saying it's better that he stays INsane?
  4. http://news.yahoo.com/s/prweb/20080701/bs_.../prweb1066834_1---I'm not affiliated with AP in any way, other than played there a couple times a few years ago.
  5. My friend at work likes to play poker and would like to play online. I sent him a referral to a couple of site and he registered and played for a while, but is afraid to continue to play because he believes it is illegal to play poker online for money in all of the US. I told him that is not true and only against the law in a few states, but he won't believe me. We almost ended up getting into an argument, but I need solid proof for him to believe me. Can anyone point me towards a few articles or something to show him it is okay to play for money here? Btw, we live in California. Any help is a
  6. Hey, so aren't the top two chip leaders at this table internet pros? Cause it if is, that's pretty interesting.
  7. What is the big deal with all those first posts?Anyways, GL DN. You should be comfortable with this one, as you always said it's your bread and butter game.
  8. When you call Daniel's phone, the voice mail greeting tells you to leave a message for Patty and refers to her by first and last name. I haven't called his phone in about year, so that might've changed. Btw, don't ask me to give you his number, because that is an obvious no. Heck, it might not even be the same anymore. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I remember what her name is, but I'm not sure if she wants that to be kept private and so I will not say. However, I'm sure she would tell you if you just sent her a PM.Oh, and yes, DN's first assistant's name was Travis.
  9. Well, I guess you could always use Poker-Edge (http://www.poker-edge.com/) They have a free one month trial or if you use one of their promotion methods where they refer you to a poker site, I believe they give you 3 free months at their gold level. However, I must warn you, most poker sites frown upon using this software, especially PokerStars. Use at your own risk!
  10. Um, did you try http://www.pokertracker.com ?
  11. King_tanner, the card room in California that I was referring to is Artichoke Joe's in San Bruno.As for the rest of the replies, aren't Bike and Commerence in LA? I was asking about LV, Las Vegas.
  12. So, I was just wondering if there are any electronic poker tables in Las Vegas? I know, you guys are probably thinking, "Why not just play at home on your computer, then?" Well, playing this way, you can still see your opponents and try to get reads and physical tells on them. Also, it's faster since you don't have to wait for a dealer or a machine to shuffle and it lessens the possibilities of dealer error, i.e. pushing the pot to the wrong player, resolving side pots, or misreading confusing hands esp. in O/8.I know there is a card room near my city that has it (I have yet to check it out),
  13. dhc2lovr won a $448,920.71 the Ultimate Bad Beat jackpot at Ultimate Beton May 6.dhc2lovr also won a $171,498.31 Ultimate Bad Beat jackpot at Ultimate Beton March 25.http://www.poker-king.com/poker-king-artic...php?article=437
  14. I have $936 pending bonus dollars on Ultimate Bet. I only play there like 3 times a week and only for like an hour or so. I only average about 18 points a session, playing the micro limits, ie $.25/.50 How long will it take me to clear my entire bonus?It was hard enough before this new RAI$E thing, but now it is virtually impossible. I use to clear like a dollar session, but now after about a week, I don't even think I even cleared one cent.This RAI$E system is horrible for the casual player. I HATE IT! I want to unjoin from the new system on go back to the old way.
  15. Watched a Jaywalking segment on Leno last night about people's knowledge of presidential candidates. It was funny, but yet frightening to see the those people be so ignorant. Anyways, I want to watch it again and show my parents, does anyone know where I can find it online anywhere? I tried YouTube and my usual torrent sites, but still had no luck. Can one of you guys help me?
  16. Watched a Jaywalking segment on Leno last night about people's knowledge of presidential candidates. It was funny, but yet frightening to see the those people be so ignorant. Anyways, I want to watch it again and show my parents, does anyone know where I can find it online anywhere? I tried YouTube and my usual torrent sites, but still had no luck. Can one of you guys help me?
  17. Actually, right before posting for this topic, I did email Stars. I just got their reply. Here is what they said along with my original message in the reply:-------Start of email--------Hello Patrick,Thank you for contacting us today, we appreciate your feedback!I am sending your suggestion to management for consideration. Please be sure, that we do take your ideas seriously and appreciate thetime you spent to send us your email. If we decide to develop a newfeature, based on our player's suggestions, we will proceed to informthem immediately.Feel free to contact us should you need our assista
  18. Does anyone know if there are any cheap satellites where it be live or online for the Bay 101 shooting Stars Event? By cheap, I mean under $100, probably something like $40 or so.I love going there, but I never play in the event because I can't really afford it. So, after seeing and meeting the Stars, after an hour or so after that tournament starts, I usually get depressed because I'm not playing in that tournament.
  19. Guess what people. I'm so happy. I finally reached my goal of getting my form as Super Hot on Sharkscope for my PokerStars (patho) stats. It took me a while and a lot of tight and conservative play to do it, but I finally got there. If you're wondering why the AV ROI on it is so low it's because I was experiementing a lot on the latter half of last year trying to figure out how to reach my goal.So, anyways, I was just wondering if there are any other online poker tracking sites out there? The only other one I know of the thepokerdb.com which I know is for multitable tournaments.It just feels s
  20. Just wanted to let you guys know they pushed the deadline back from midnight to 5:00am. So, those of you who wanted to try these PCA steps, there's still some time left, but not much.
  21. Prepaids don't work anymore? Man, that was fast, considering I just made a deposit this weekend as I stated above.
  22. Now, Captain Obvious be nice. He's still pretty new here as you can tell from the date joined, only a few months ago.Stretchy, yeah I just bought one of those All Access Visa cards this weekend and put like $200 and it worked perfectly fine. It charged a buck for the transaction fee when I made my deposit to Stars, which I hope isn't too much for you. Anyways, I think you can get those cards at your local check cashing place or cash advance businesses.
  23. So yesterday I was having lunch with one of my friends/fellow poker buddy and was telling him about the WSOP in Europe. Then he says, "I don't get why they have that, though." I thought about it for 10 seconds and realized what he meant. It never occured to me because to me WSOP was always just a name and the Europe would be like a separate but related entity. But if you think about it, WSOP stands for WORLD Series of Poker. So, that would mean people come from all over the world to participate in it. So, now I'm thinking along that same lines as him. It is kinda redundant, isn't it?
  24. pt special, I had $4.83 in my account last week, but I almost doubled it and got it up to $9.24 currently. I also have the ability to create private tourneys, but really could use the staking to participate. I'm serious, by the way.
  25. All it does it analyze data from your hand histories. It helps you keep track of your hands and sessions to see how you did and maybe find patterns. It does not play for you as a bot would. I would assume that means it should be legit. I've tried it out before and have found it very useful myself. Btw, I'm in no was affiliated with the Poker Tracker software. I'm just a user of it.
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