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  1. yes i did nd i downloaded it but then uninstalled it as it would not run...and i just realized you have to pay for it..is there any other things like it that are free/
  2. what is pokertracker software and where can i get it?
  3. yea your right...preflop i was sb and limped..then he raisedto 18 and i called..and on the flop i checked it because he usually made a continuation bet of 24(which he did)..then i raised it to 48..sorry for the misunderstanding
  4. full tilt poker 3/6 dollar heads upme: 120 dollarshim: 477 dollarsim dealt 8 10 of heartshe raises to 18..of the 10 hands i was sitting down for this he raised and made it 18 every single timeflop comes 238 rainbowhe bets 24i raise to 48he goes all inwhat do i do?
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