Yes We Can!

If your state is part of super Tuesday, you just have to get out there and vote. If you are voting for Obama, that is, otherwise you can stay home 🙂 I’m inspired by Barack Obama more so than anyone I’ve seen on television or come across in as long as I can remember. He represents a real change for this country. He has unparalleled charisma, is extremely intelligent, and I think he can not only bring this country together, republicans and democrats, but he can also have a positive impact on the world. Unlike the president who refuses to talk to the enemy as Clinton, Reagen, and even his father did before him, Obama will be a strong and powerful voice that is willing to sit with our enemies. Not to surrender, mind you, but to try and find solutions to the worlds problems by going to the source. No candidate is better equipped to do that than Barack Obama. No one. I am glued to the television these days in anticipation of super Tuesday. Obama has all the momentum now and is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton right now. The more people that vote, the more likely we are to have a president that turn things around for this country. A president you can really be proud to say he represents you. As a poker player, I also find it pretty neat that he plays poker also. The only candidate to admit that he’s played poker for money. He doesn’t have a clear opinion on online poker as of yet (neither do the other candidates), but seeing as he understands the nuances of the game, he won’t be naive when the question is asked: is poker a game of skill? Whether he played poker or not, that’s not at all why I’m so inspired by this man. I’m inspired by him because he can bring people together. He can cross party lines and gets things done. He is the man for the job. The thing is, for many of you there is little time to decide. Tuesday is a crucial day, and I really hope you see the man I see and vote Obama. A couple clips to leave you with: A Super Tuesday promo Obama Promo Yes We Can (the song that was created based on his powerful victory speech in South Carolina) Yes We Can