My Summer Schedule

Right around this time of year is when I typically like to map out what my summer might look like, including most all events I may play depending on how I’m doing. For example, I may have something on the schedule that would appear to conflict with another event, and in that case, I would only be playing the secondary event if I was eliminated from the first one before late registration closed. I do not “double dip” and play two stacks. I haven’t done that even once in about 5 years. I used to do it occasionally when there were big bracelet bets on the line for Phil Ivey and I, but since then, if I’m still in an event, that’s the only event that exists. If I happen to bust, then I will reorganize my schedule and see whats available to me.

The lead up to the WSOP, and the post WSOP main event schedule this year is like nothing we have seen before. Not just the Super High Roller Bowl, but prelims at Aria as well as a WPT series at Bellagio in May gives you tons of options to play large buy in events.

The other big change is the number of fun events that will take place after the WSOP main event starts. In past years, all you had was the Little One for One Drop, but this year, in addition to the Big One for One Drop, there is a $50k NLH and a few mixed game events on the schedule. It will be interesting to see what the numbers look like for the Big One for One Drop this year. It’s at the tail end of the series and it’s quite likely that a lot of players will be short on money by then. I plan to play it, but that’s no guarantee. I’m looking to put up about $500k and will sell the rest of my action (if there are any takers) at face value. I hate doing this. Hate it. Reeeeally hate it, but a million is too much to put up for one 3 day event. It’s the only event I’ll sell pieces for and hopefully by then I’ll have had a great summer and make a run in that event as well.

Going into the WSOP there is a good chance I spend $600,000 in buy ins leading up to it at Aria and Bellagio respectively. Lots of $25k buy ins with unlimited rebuys so each one is likely to cost a little over $50k on average, plus a $100k with the same format right before the Super High Roller Bowl. Below, I’m going to list my WSOP schedule outline for events I may play. If the event is not listed, that means I won’t be playing it for sure.

June 1 3pm $100k NLH
June 2nd 3pm $2500 Triple Draw Mix
June 3rd 3pm $10k Omaha HL
June 4th 3pm $1500 Dealers Choice
June 5th 3pm $1500 2-7 NL Single Draw
June 6th 11am $1500 HORSE (secondary)
June 6th 3pm $10k NLH Heads Up (priority)
June 7th 3pm $10k Dealers Choice
June 8th 3pm $5k NLH
June 9th 3pm $1500 8-Game
June 10th 3pm $10k 2-7 NL Single Draw
June 11th 3pm $1500 Stud 8
June 12th 3pm $10k HORSE
June 13th 3pm $1500 2-7 Triple Draw
June 14th DAY OFF
June 15th 3pm $50k Players Championship
June 18th 3pm $10k Stud
June 19th 11am $1500 NLH Shootout
June 19th 3pm $2500 Big Bet Mix
June 20th 3pm $25k PLO
June 21st 3pm $10k 2-7 Triple Draw
June 22nd 3pm $2500 Stud 8/Omaha 8
June 23rd 3pm $10k PLO
June 24th 3pm $1500 RAZZ
June 25th 3pm $10k Limit Hold’em
June 26th 11am $1500 PLO 8
June 26th 3pm $3k NLH
June 27th 3pm $10k RAZZ
June 28th 3pm $5k NLH (6max)
June 29th 3pm $10k PLO 8
June 30th DAY OFF
July 1st 3pm $10k Stud 8
July 2nd DAY OFF
July 3rd DAY OFF
July 4th 11am $10 WSOP Main Event
July 8th 3pm $3k PLO (6 max)
July 9th 3pm $3k LH (6 max)
July 10th 11am $5k NLH (30 min levels)
July 10th 3pm $1500 NLH/PLO
July 11th 3pm $10k NLH (6 max)
July 12th 3pm $3k HORSE
July 13th 3pm $50k NLH
July 14th DAY OFF
July 15th 11am $1 million One Drop

Maximum Events: 39
Maximum Buy Ins:$1,414,500

With that hefty buy in for the One Drop I’m looking at about a $2 million investment this summer starting in May and taking me all the way through mid July.

For those of you who enjoyed following the journey last year via my WSOP VLOGS, good news, they will be back and pop up on YouTube DAILY. We will also have them up at the same time each day, midday on this side of the pond, and late evening over in Europe. I plan to spend a bit more time breaking down hands and have found a really cool new way to deliver it that you will see when the VLOGS start churning out. First day of the VLOG will be available June 2nd starting with the WSOP $100k and every day after that. I may get a pre-WSOP VLOG in as well.

Get your bankrolls ready people! I hope to see good turnouts for these events since many poker players who have gone the route of Crypto Investor just might need to put in some work at the tables again.