WSOP Player of The Year

I just love player of the year races. I’ve had a good track record with them and they really motivate me to play better. I won:
1997 Best All Around Player in Foxwoods
LAPC Best All Around Player (forget the year)
2004 WSOP Player of the Year
2004-05 WPT Player of the Year
2004 Card Player of the Year and now I’m in a fun race with a couple of buddies in Erick Lindgren and Barry Greenstien. The WSOP site has been really great this year with quick updates on the point totals. The top five at the moment are: 1. Erick Lindgren 185
2. Daniel Negreanu 170
3. Barry Greenstien 165
4. Vanessa Selbst 163
5. Jacobo Fernandez-Hernandez 157 The $50k HORSE and the $10K main event don’t count toward the POY points this year, but I think they definitely should count since both are open events. The thinking behind that is it creates kind of a triple crown vibe to the WSOP with the big 3 being the main event, the 50K HORSE, and the POY. Winning all three will likely never happen, but how sick would that be? I’m playing good poker right now and making good decisions. Patience has been solid and while fatigue is playing a role my body is holding up pretty well thanks to being in better shape. I’m fighting through late nights the best I can and trying to get as much sleep as possible. My next event will be at 5pm, playing in the World Championship 5k Stud 8 or better event. I haven’t done as well as I would have liked in Stud 8 tournaments, but I definitely think it’s my best game and it’s only a matter of time before I break through. ******************************* I’m not doing the written blogs regularly, but you can watch my daily video blog every single day of the series at