WSOP Fantasy Pool Updatesa and my new favorite website!

1. Daniel Negreanu 237
2. Howard Lederer 180
3. Barry Greenstien 101
4. Erick Lindgren 93
5. Chau Giang 83
6. Joe Cassidy 80
7. Rafe Furst 70
8. Mori Eskandani 61
9. Eli Elezra 56
10. Andy Bloch 47
11. Phil Galfond 42 At the moment, my team is a one man wrecking crew with John Juanda alone garnering me 206 points. Pat Pezzin is also pitching in with 4 cashes and a final table. Benyamine, Scotty, and Mercier have all been quiet for me thus far, but I’m in a great position to win this league. I haven’t got any recent updates in the ESPN pool, but I should be in good shape there with David Chiu and my pick up Steve Bilirakis. I dropped Freddie Deeb to make room for Bilirakis and he promptly got me a 3rd place finish. The FCP Fantasy Pool is updated regularly in the forum at FCP Forum. Also, if you are curious who got picked by the majority of poolsters, the full list is here: STATS with the biggest difference coming between Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly, but both players have been left off the scoreboard thus far. Actuallly Jason Mercier $7633 was a 93% favorite against Jason Somerville $3163 also, and both are off to slow starts. I was matched up with Phil Ivey and I’m ahead for the time being with $49,541 in cashes to his $6405. Last I heard, though, Ivey was currently deep in 3 tournaments simultaneously! He gambled in his heads up match with the Grinder and came out on top. I also won my first match very early in round #2 and was never behind winning the first five hands and never once losing a hand at showdown. My next round match will be against Jonathan Little. ***************************************************************** I’m loving the show (The The Big Game) and loving the website even more. Never before have fans and viewers alike had so much information about what’s going on then they do now with The Big Game website. Not only are there in show stats updates, but you can get all the stats on all the players on the site! You can also watch every single hand played using the hand replayer. The stats page is updated after every single show so you can watch the episode then track the trends. You can learn a lot from those numbers. Here is the link to the stats page: The Big Game Stats There are two sets of stats, both preflop and post flop. For those of you unfamiliar with what the stats represent, here is a basic rundown: PREFLOP: VPIP: Stands for Voluntarily put money in the pot and it tracks how often a player puts money in preflop when they don’t have to. The higher the percentage the looser the player. (Tony G the loosest at 58.7% and Doyle Brunson the tightest at 30.6%) 3bet: This stat gives you the percentage of times a player decides to re-raise the bet before the flop when given the opportunity. (Phil Hellmuth is the most active 3 bettor and Doyle Brunson 3-bets only 2% of the time) FT3Bet: Calculates how often a player folds before the flop after some one has re-raised them before the flop. (Both Phil Hellmuth and the Loose Cannon Earnest Wiggins have never folded to a 3 bet, while Doyle Brunson has folded to a 3-bet 33% of the time) Raise: Pretty straight forward, this stat tells you how often a player raises before the flop. (I’m the highest at 29.8% and Earnest Wiggins only raises 2.5% of the time. Gamble up E DUB!!!) ATS: Stands for “Attempt to Steal.” A steal occurs when a player raises from the button, or next to the button, when no other player has entered the pot yet. (Tony G is the highest at 78.6% and Wiggins is at the opposite end stealing only 10% of the time. You can hardly call that “stealing”) BR: Stands for Button Raise and it gauges the percentage of times a player raises before the flop when they are on the button. (Tony G. is at 100% and Wiggins is the low man at 16.7%) FTSA: Stands for Fold to a Steal attempt and it calculates how often a player folds against a steal raise. (Apparently I’ve been nitty folding 100% of the time to a steal raise, while Tony G has only folded 33% of the time to a steal raise) CPRF: Stands for Call Preflop Raise and it gives you the percentage of times a player calls a raise. (Tony G is the high man at 46.3% and I’m the low man at 26.9%) PFW: Stands for Preflop win and gives you the percentage of times the player wins the pot before the flop. (I’m the high man winning 7.4% of the time without a flop and Wiggins doesn’t get away with many, winning just 0.8% of the time preflop) POST FLOP: WWS: Stands for Winnings without a Showdown and it tracks the total amount of money won without a showdown. (Tony G has won an astounding $268,000 without a showdown, while Wiggins has amassed just $22,400 in winnings without a showdown) WAS: Shows you the percentage of times a player wins at showdown. (Wiggins has NEVER lost a pot at showdown while Doyle wins just 25% of the time) P/L: Stands for Profit/Loss and is simply “the score” which tracks exactly how a player is doing in the game. (On the site now it appears I’m the big winner at +$153,000 while Doyle has been unlucky and is down the most $156,300) CBet: Calculates the percentage of times that a player makes a continuation bet after the flop as the preflop raiser. (Surprisingly Wiggins is at 100%, while Doyle Cbets only 25% of the time he raises preflop) AF: This is a cool and valuable stat that tracks a players aggression factor. It’s the number of bets and raises divided by the number of calls post flop. So of you bet two flops and check call 1, your aggression factor would be 2.0. (Tony G is the high man at 3.4, with Phil Laak doing the most trapping at 1.2) AIEV: This is the stat that tracks how lucky you are in the all in pots. When you are all in and no decision is made, it’s up to luck, and this stat tracks how lucky people are in those spots. I would LOVE to know my AIEV on High Stakes Poker! (Hellmuth has been the unluckiest due to that one pot he played with Wiggins. He rates to be +$37,975, but is actually down -$83,600. Wiggins should actually be stuck $64,275 but instead, thanks to winning 3 of 4 from Hellmuth, he’s up $57,500. I played an all in pot with Tony G and if the cards broke even I’d be up $216k instead of $153k but I’m not complaining 🙂 CR: Percentage of times a player check raises. (Hellmuth has done is 15.4% of the time and Wiggins has never done it once) FTCbet: Stands for Fold to a Continuation bet and it calculates the percentage of times a player folds to a continuation bet from a preflop raiser. (Brunson folds 71.4% of the time, while both Hellmuth and Wiggins fold only 50% of the time) PW: The percentage of pots won by the player. (I’m the high man at 24.8% and Doyle has only won 8.3% of the pots. With 6 players at the table, the average would be 16.7%) Underneath the stats you will see the hand replayer and you can click on any hand you like and see how it played out. This will be a running theme with all of the weeks and all of the shows, so enjoy! Also, one last comment on this weeks show and the epic hand between Wiggins and Hellmuth. Hellmuth is rich. So are pretty much all of the pros who decide to play in that game. The only one who is NOT… is the Loose Cannon. I think it’s pretty normal that all of America, unless you don’t like the guy for some reason, would be rooting for the underdog to win some potentially life changing money. Hellmuth will be just fine. Winning or losing that pot won’t change his life one bit, but for Wiggins, that’s an amazing moment and it’s only logical that everyone would be happy for him. Obviously it’s annoying to Hellmuth to lose a pot like that, hey I’d be annoyed too! If Hellmuth would have lost that pot to Doyle, or Laak, or me, you wouldn’t see me all excited like I was. I was happy for Earnest as you should all be, because you could BE him. I like Hellmuth. True story, cameras on or off, I have always liked him and I enjoy needling him. He needles me back too, but he usually does it OFF camera and I don’t mind at all. I’ve known the guy for ages and we’ve hung out lots of times. He’s a big boy and he can handle it. Sure in the moment he often looks like he wants to kill someone, but when it’s all said and done, he moves on, and even finds a way to laugh about it.
I don’t always agree with some of the things he does, but I know at the core he is a good person. I don’t say that about a lot of people, but when you tear down the “I am the greatest, THEY don’t know how to spell poker” speeches, he is good to his friends and family which is most important.
Yes, I rag on him all the time, but how can you not! The guy says some crazy things sometimes! Phil will tell you, “Daniel is my biggest critic, but deep down I know he’s got love for me.” Good read Phil… ]]>