WSOP Fantasy Pool 2008

Ok the rules for this years WSOP event are a bit different than in past years as not all of the events count for the pool. The only events that count are the “Championship Events” excluding the main event. It wasn’t my idea, I swear! The guys at FCP who handle the pool do a lot of work keeping track and limiting the number of events makes the process a bit easier. Here are the rules in a nutshell: FCP Members will submit a list of 10 players and those players will earn points in the 10 “Championship” Events at the WSOP but not including the Main Event due to the delayed final table. Your team’s final result will be the cumulative total points that your team’s players have earned over the 10 events. Most points wins! Anytime a player from your list makes the top 16 in one of the tournaments you’ll earn the following points based on their finish in the tournament: 1st. 50 points
2nd. 44 points
3rd. 40 points
4th. 36 points
5th. 32 points
6th. 28 points
7th. 24 points
8th. 20 points
9th. 16 points
10th. 14 points
11th. 12 points
12th. 10 points
13th. 8 points
14th. 6 points
15th. 4 points
16th. 2 points Prizes for the top 20 will be as follows: 1st Place – 6 Month Poker VT subscription and a copy of Daniel’s New Book, Power Hold’Em Strategy
2nd Place – 3 Month Poker VT subscription and a copy of Daniels’s New Book, Power Hold’Em Strategy
3rd – 5th Places – 1 Month Poker VT subscription and a copy of Daniel’s New Book, Power Hold’Em Strategy
6th – 10th Places – A copy of Daniel’s New Book, Power Hold’Em Strategy
11th – 20th Places – FCP Hat Qualifying Events: Event 1: May 30th, World Championship $10K Pot Limit Holdem
Event 8: June 4th, World Championship $10K Mixed Event
Event 11: June 6th, $5K No-Limit Holdem Shootout
Event 14: June 7th, World Championship $5K Seven Card Stud Hi Lo 8 or Better
Event 25: June 13th, World Championship $10K Heads Up No Limit
Event 30: June 15th, World Championship $10K Limit Holdem
Event 33: June 17th, World Championship $10K Seven Card Stud
Event 37: June 19th, World Championship $10K Omaha 8 or Better
Event 45: June 25th, World Championship $50K Horse
Event 50: June 29th, World Championship $10K Pot Limit Omaha If you want to enter check out the forum called 2008 WSOP Fantasy Pool I haven’t given it a ton of thought, but here are the 10 guys I’d think about going with in no particular order: Daniel Negreanu I’m obviously picking myself! I feel goof about the WSOP coming up and plan on putting in a solid effort. The structures are much better this year which is a major bonus since I’m much better at limit tournaments than I am in no limit events, especially in hi-lo games. David Chiu Coming off a big win I see a confident David Chiu doing extremely well at the WSOP. He plays all the games well and I think he’ll be playing the full schedule. Ted Forrest One of the best in the world, IMO, and plays the stud games extremely well. If he plays a lot, he is a solid pick. John Hennigan A bit of a dangerous pick since he might not play all the games, but much like Ted, he is insanely good in the stud games. Phil Ivey See above. I don’t always feel like he needs to be on the list since he may skip the tournaments for the cash games, but it’s tough to leave him off your list since these events suit him so well. Barry Greenstien Barry has shown a willingness to put in the hours on the tournament circuit so I think he’ll play all the events, and he plays all the games well. I also think he’s hungry for another W at the WSOP. Mike Matusow I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I think the Mouth just might do well at the WSOP. He has a ton of heart and is decent in all the games. Hold’em and Omaha 8 are his strengths, but his stud game is decent enough to stay afloat in the HORSE games. I’d think he is a huge dog in the Stud tourney, he really does suck at Stud from what I’ve seen, but he has some good spots in there for sure. He is a better limit tournament player than he is a limit cash game player, IMO. Allen Cunningham Doesn’t have a weak game, lives in Las Vegas, and will likely play a lot of these events. John Juanda He really is one of the absolute best tournament players in the world despite what his recent results may have shown. If he is motivated he can dominate, but if he gets bored with it, this could end up being a bum pick. Scotty Nguyen I put him in a similar category as Mike Matusow, meaning, his limit tournament game is much stronger than his cash game skills. As for heart, fewer players have more patience and determination when things are looking grim.
My list of 10 have a lot in common: they were all around before the internet boom, they all cut their teeth grinding it out in mixed game cash games, and they are all versatile, some more than others. No internet superstar on this list, but that’s not to say that they aren’t capable. Guys like David Benyamine, Eli Elezra, Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson were also guys I considered, but the cash games often take them away from the tournaments. I expect these events to have significantly smaller fields this year due to the higher buy in and the economy which suits my list even better. I’d also be willing to make a side bet on my list versus someone else who wanted to come up with a list. Minimum bet is $10,000 and if you wanted to pick a group of only “internet players” I would be willing to lay $11,500 to your $10,000. I’m still looking for action on winning a bracelet again this year also. I’m willing to once again take 5-1 odds on winning one, minimum bets of $5000 to win $1000.
***************************************************************** Anyway, I’m about to start packing for my trip/vacation to Costa Rica.. ]]>