WSOP Circuit at the Rio

Finally I did find a Portobello burger that I settled for which wasn’t very good. I took about two bites before I gave up on it then I stuck to the fries. We got back a little early so I set up three chairs inside the ropes where no spectators were allowed so that I could lay down and rest my eyes. About 4 minutes into dreamland I hear, “HEEEEEY! HEEEEEEY!” I woke up startled from my nap and was like, “What? Who said that? What happened?” There was a fan with a beer in his hand standing over me, “HEY MAN! YOU GOTTA PLAY SOME CARDS MAN!” He had to be the loudest person I’d ever met. I kindly asked him to just let me take a nap for a few minutes and I’d sign his hat before I got started. A couple more minutes went by and once again I hear, “HEEEEEEEY! HEEEEEEY MAN IT’S TIME TO PLAY SOME CARDS DUDE!” You’ve got to be kidding me. Honestly I was pretty annoyed by this time. I was genuinely trying to close my eyes to enhance my chances in the event and this impatient youngster just wouldn’t let me. I finally said, “Dude are you for real? I’m trying to get a little rest here and you are screaming in my ear? How would you like it if I came over to your house at 4:00am and yelled in your face?” He half heartedly apologized, I signed his hat and then headed over to a different corner to try to get some rest. As I’m trying to nap there I see flashes go off. Then, once again someone shaking me asking if they could take a picture with me. I was starting to feel like I was in the twilight zone. Obviously I wasn’t going to get any rest, so I took the picture, spent the next 10 minutes signing autographs and then head back to the table. I wasn’t getting many hands but doing a good job of staying afloat by picking up antes. I was down to about 6000 when I played a key pot that I thought would really get me going back in the right direction: Billy Duarte limped from first position for 300, and I called with two black fives next to the button. Both blinds checked and the flop came K :heart: Q :hearts: 9 :hearts:. Everyone checked to me and knowing that Billy could have a wide variety of hands I decided to represent strength: I bet 700, about half the pot. Chau studied for a while and finally called from the small blind. At that point I decided that I had to give up on the hand since it was obvious that Chau had to have me beat. The turn card was the J :diamonds: and Chau checked again. I thought to myself, “I need this pot. I can’t just leave 3000 out there.” I went ahead and bet 1500 more trying to represent the straight. Chau hesitated even longer this time and I was pretty sure he didn’t have the straight. If he had the straight I figured he’d raise me my last 3500, but he didn’t- he just called. The river brought the 3 :hearts: putting four hearts out there. Chau checked again, and with just 3500 left I had to decide whether or not I should fire yet another barrel. There was about 6000 in the pot, and I decided to fire out just 2000 making it look like I wanted a call, while at the same time leaving myself with 1500 just in case. Chau said, “I don’t like that card. That card got me I know.” and he folded his hand! Unfortunately the comeback was short lived as I missed a hand here, missed a hand there, and finally anted myself away with about 30 minutes left to play on the day. Oh well, I was happy with my play and the time off will give me a chance to catch up on things.]]>