WSOP Chip Count Coverage?

PokerNews normally does a really good job with everything they do, but what in the world is up with the chip count coverage at the WSOP this year? They have a page for it, but clicking on it would be a complete waste of your time because not only is it rarely updated, it’s also nowhere near accurate.
I had friends sweating me in the 10k Stud event, and for most of day 1 they had me listed at 88k… problem is, at no point did I ever have even close to that many chips. My peak was 70k and I ended with about 50k. It’s so random that they’d just throw out the number 88k and leave it there all day.
At every break I tweet my chip count as do many of the pros playing in the events. Why don’t they have someone following the tweets and updating the chip counts that come directly from the players? PokerNews has exclusive rights to covering the chip counts this year, and I don’t know who’s in charge, but if they don’t actually cover the events, I don’t see how they expect to retain the rights to cover the events next year. I have heard tons of people complain about this. They have all kinds of live update posts with hands etc, but the majority of people really want to know how their favorites are doing chip wise. They’d be much better off focusing less on covering random hands and spending more time actually tracking chip counts. The WPT updates are way better and it’s not even close. They do live updates too, but they also cover the top 30-40 players that the public likes to follow and update their chip counts regularly. It’s frustrating when I’m at home to try and follow along with what’s going on in the tournaments, only to realize that the chip counts posted are beyond unreliable. Either PokerNews has to go back to the format they used in previous years and actually do their best to give accurate reports on chip counts, or the WSOP will have to go with a new team to cover the chip counts. It’s still early in the WSOP so I don’t think it’s too late to make some changes, and I really hope they listen. Seriously if ALL they had were just chip counts with zero hand updates, but the chip counts were on point, it would be better than the current coverage by a mile. **************************************************************** There was a typo in my last blog and apparently some people couldn’t figure out that it was a typo and that shocked me. I wrote: “Todd Brunson raised on the button 3-handed and I called from the SB with Ks 8s and Moore called from the BB. The flop came 8h-8d-3s. I checked, Moore checked, and Todd bet 4500. I raised to 10,000, and Moore moved all in. Todd called and I folded. Moore showed K-3 and Todd had J-8. It came spade, spade and I would have made the flush and busted them both! Instead, it was now heads up and I had a slight chip lead that I strengthened a bit before the key hand.” In the typo I mention that Moore had K-3 and Todd had J-8. I also said it came spade, spade. If the flop was 8-8-3 how exactly could Moore bust Todd on that hand??? Seriously, I should put more typos in my blogs to test some of your poker/reading comprehension skills people! The flop was obviously 8-3-3. **************************************************************** I was looking forward to the 10k Stud and felt like I played great. In the end, with 33 players left I raised with split kings and Brandon Adams called with split jacks. On fifth street he caught a dead king and check-raised me, so I went all in. This pot would give me a real chance to get back in the tournament. Going into the last card it was pair against pair, but Brandon made jacks up and I missed. Frustrating, but there are plenty of events left. I was short chipped in the stud when it was time to buy into the $1500 limit hold’em event so I bought in anyway. I got to play a bit on the dinner break of the stud and ran my 4500 stack up to 6900 before having to go back. When I got back I still had 6000 in chips, but nothing really went right for me after that and I busted at around 11:30pm. Today I play at 5:00pm, 2-7 NL single draw. This is definitely my worst game as I’ve never really developed a good feel for it. I’m going to focus on trying to plug some of my bigger leaks in the game tonight and do my best to make a run. If not, Sunday at 5:00pm is the biggie, the 10k Stud H/L event and I’ll be playing in that regardless of how the 2-7 event goes. It’s too juicy an event to pass up. I figure by 7:20pm tomorrow night, the latest you can register, if I was still in the 2-7 it would be pretty deep and yet still early in the Stud H/L. I can manage playing both and going back and forth on breaks if need be. To be honest, though, I don’t expect to do very well in the $1500 2-7 NL single draw. So it’s been a slow start to the WSOP 2010 for me, but I’m not discouraged in the least. My focus level has been good, and I feel fresh everyday. Much stronger than last year mentally, and I’m going to make some deep runs, it’s only a matter of time.