WPT Championship Day 2

Once again I was right on schedule waking up just before 8:00am. Did the stretching, made a tomato juice, then another vegetable juice concoction followed by some soy milk with protein powder. After that I hit the treadmill, then did a bit of exercise. I downed a gatorade and I think that helped a lot. I didn’t really have dizzy spells throughout the day, very minor ones at the most. I brought some light snacks to the tournament and didn’t eat much all day but didn’t feel as though I was hungry at the end of the day. When I go home I squeezed out an orange, pineapple, blackberry juice and went to bed. Woke up this morning to weigh myself and since Monte Carlo have lost close to 4 lbs. I was up to 154.0 before that trip and am back down to 150.6. If it were muscle that would be a good weight…. buuuuut it’s not, lol. I think my ideal weight is between 145 and 147 lbs. but would also like to be a big stronger. Anyway, as for the tournament I got off to a pretty good start after pwning Jim Bechtel in a pot. For all the updates from today you can check out the FCP General Forum. Bechtel started with a good stack of chips, but was seated two to my right and I just tortured him all day long. The big hand came down like this: Bechtel raises to 2500, I smooth call with Ad As and everyone else folds. The flop comes Kd 10h 6d and he fired out 6000- I call. The turn is the 9h and he fires out 17,000- I call again, but am not crazy about the situation at all. The river looks like the worst card in the deck, the Qh putting a back door flush draw out there and a four card straight. Jim fires out 20,000. Now I try to piece the hand together. He fired the flop, and STILL likes that river card? Really? Hmm… AK of hearts? That’s possible I guess. His bet size looked like either a value bet or a cheap bluff. I can’t beat ANYTHING at all in this spot, but after looking over at him I didn’t think he had anything. I also knew that, much like the new breed of internet player, this guy is capable of firing three bullets with complete air. I call, he says, “Good call,” and I’m thinking, ooh baby, good call indeed! That got my chip count to about 160k after starting the day with 90k. I dribbled away from there and was down to 100k before my next key pot: Guy limps for 1k I limp with 10d 8d Eli Elezra makes it 5000 and we both call. The flop is Js 9c 8s and the first player checks. I felt like Eli may have a big over pair here so I thought I’d slow him down and bet 7000- they both called.
The turn is a blank, the 4d and the first player checked to me. If I checked, I was worried that Eli would make a huge bet and shut me out of the pot, so instead, I maintained the lead and fired 12,000 at it. Eli called and the other guy folded.
The river was the 9d and I pretty much gave up on the pot and checked. Eli checked behind me. I showed my hand… he showed As Qs!!! woohoo, like found money there. That got me back to 140k. The next key hand was pretty sick. I was able to chop my way up to 230k before the following hand: I raise UTG to 2800 (blinds 600-1200 with a 200 ante) with AK and a guy flat calls me. Jim Bechtel from the small blind makes it 30k with about 70k behind.
I look over at him and am totally convinced that he has complete air. Not worried much about the other player, I decide to go all in. The other player in the pot calls me faster than I can say all in. Uh oh, that’s not good. Bechtel folds as expected and I get the bad news, he has AA.
The flop came Kd-2c-2d so I was destined to lose a big pot anyway, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as big if Bechtel didn’t make that play. The turn was a 4c and the river a 9d to complete a flush so I figure I would have lost close to 25k rather than the 130k I dumped on that hand. Kind of a brutal situation, but kudos to the guy for setting a solid trap and getting help from Bechtel. Once again I got back up to 180k, then fell back down to about 100k. Up and down all day long. Late in the night I hit the 200k mark again, only to fall back down to 154,600 to end the night. Today the plan is the same. Read a few chapters of the Bible, do some running, hitting a few golf balls on the simulator, getting some healthy juice in my body, and then having a big day at the tables. I fell a bit short of my goal of 200-250k for the day, which means my goals for day three are going to be a bit modest. I hope to end the day with 300-350k but could totally see myself end the day with 500k. What I don’t see happening, is me hitting the rail… ]]>