Where am I?

I was too annoyed to watch anymore football so I figured that I’d try to get caught up on the million things that I’m behind on. I had two Card Player articles due ASAP. Or in other words a week ago. I had the house to clean, important e-mails and phone calls to make, etc. So what did I do? You guessed it. I popped NBA 2K3 into my X-BOX and zoned out. The sickest part is… I didn’t even play. I am a stats freak and I am a full blown addict when it comes to simulating seasons. I had a fun idea to simulate in franchise mode. Basically I traded for the top five picks (by position) in the draft and went from there. The first year my team didn’t even make the playoffs. By season five though, my team became a dynasty, winning five straight NBA titles. I played a total of 15 seasons, taking my once young stars all the way from rising stars to aging veterans. Now that’s what I call time well spent??? What can I say I’m a full blown addict. *************************************************************** My agent flew in from Minnesota later that night to go over a few things we are working on. Man, I’d be totally lost without him. So we went over a few things and then decided to chill out and watch “Super Size Me.” I couldn’t wait to see this movie. If you haven’t seen this film and have a weight problem, it’s an absolute must! I won’t spoil it for you, but trust me your health depends on it. *************************************************************** On Monday I did an 11:00am interview. At 2:30pm I took the dog to the vet to get him a health certificate for flight. At 4:00pm I got some much needed relaxation. All those flights crammed into chairs that don’t allow for the most comfortable sleeping environment and my back and neck was in knots. I head down the street to the Spa and got a one hour massage….. aaaaaah, much better.]]>