What to do, what to do…

B) Go back to Vegas and miss Jennifer’s final table appearance and the 60 Minutes opportunity
C) Go back to Vegas and then fly back to Foxwoods on the 18th with the little guy. Well It seems like A) is just not a viable option. I’ve made up my mind to fly out of here for sure this morning. Now can I justify flying back here just two days later? Wait a minute… I think I’ve found the perfect solution! I’d already planned on going to Grand Rapids, MI around the 23rd to spend Thanksgiving with Lori’s family. I could go home to Vegas for two days, tie up some loose ends and then come back to Foxwoods on the 18th and head to GR from the 20th to the 26th. That actually might work. Oh but wait. I was supposed to do something with ESPN News on Nov 22nd. Uuuugh. So that would mean: Foxwoods to Las Vegas Nov 16th
Las Vegas to Foxwoods Nov 18th
Foxwoods to Las Vegas Nov 20th
Las Vegas to Grand Rapids Nov 23rd Well, my travel agent would love me but man, that just seems nuts to me. It would offer me a chance to do everything I want to do, but I just think it might drain me a little too much. If I could postpone the ESPN thing till Nov 28th though than I could do Fox-Veg, Veg-Fox, Fox-GR… are y’all with me? Maybe that makes the most sense… I just don’t know anymore.]]>